About The Trollope Times

The Trollope Times is an online newspaper written, edited, and managed by Citadel High School students. Our objective is to write meaningful, comprehensive, interesting articles for our readers.


We aim to write pieces that impact us locally, globally, or both. Furthermore, we strive to write unbiased, informative takes on the issues we’re discussing and we always take pride in what we publish. 


We didn’t do this just to check boxes on C.A.S. outcomes; everyone at The Times truly enjoys reporting and writing. If you would like to write for The Times, or have any questions/concerns about something we've published, visit our Contact Us page.

Our Staff

Our staff is an intelligent, hardworking, dedicated group that covers everything from federal politics to local sports. We only publish articles we deem appropriate, consequential and original. 





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Teacher Advisor and Support Staff


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