• Sarah Tanner

Music's Effect on the Brain

People are able to express themselves through music by using certain lyrics and melodies that represent different emotions in your brain, such as happiness or sadness. What most people do not understand is the substantial effect that music has on the development of our brains and how it molds us into the people that we are.

A study was recently done on how music can help you “power through" homework. The study asserts that moderate-level music is the perfect background noise to help with creativity and focus. Having a low noise in the background helps your brain to process information more rapidly, which leads to getting homework or studying done faster and more efficiently.

It’s not just students or children that are able to benefit from playing a musical instrument or listening to music daily. It has also been proven that music has an effect on adults also.

Listening to classical music has been shown to have an impact on your visual attention span and also to help you focus more during school or while accomplishing a task at work.

Music is a vital way to help kids learn about various emotions that are expressed through song or even by playing certain keys together on a piano. By participating in some type of musical art, whether it be performing in musicals or playing an instrument, it develops our brains and helps us to experience emotions more in-depth than ever before.