• Julia Hiltz

Forward to Fall: A Preview of Women's Fall Fashion

Everyone knows fall as the season when the weather cools, the leaves turn from green, and the t-shirts and shorts of summer once again return to the back of our closets. At the first sign of a temperature drop, we immediately turn to our staple sweaters and jeans. This season, let’s shake it up with this trends taken straight from the runway to you.

If you just can’t bear to part with your shorts or cute little skirts just yet, try layering them with a patterned pair of tights. By throwing a pair of tights on under your shorts or skirt, you instantly transition them from strictly summer clothes to a perfect fall outfit. The pattern of the tights, such as lace or stripes, gives a fun twist to the outfit, providing a “statement piece” to elevate the casual pieces. Don’t forget this trend will also work with your favorite summer dress!

Another fall staple every year is of course, jeans. Somehow, once the temperature starts to cool off, jeans start coming out! This fall shake up your jean lineup by trying a pair of high-waisted or flare jeans. Take a break from the regular skinny jeans and shake up your fall wardrobe with these new trends. High-waisted pants pair extremely well with crop tops, especially ones with longer sleeves. Flare pants are very versatile, pairing well with anything from flowy blouses or tight shirts. To really shake up your fall style, try investing in a pair of high-waisted or flare pants that aren’t jeans.

A classic fall piece, the plaid shirt, gets revamped this fall. Red is the colour that countless fashion houses are incorporating into their plaids this season. And the trend has leeched onto many different articles of clothing; not just shirts anymore. Pair your plaids with jeans or leggings; wearing it by itself or layering the shirt. If you’re feeling bold, try wearing plaid not just exclusively on shirts.

And of course, fall is never really here until the boots come out! This fall, try stomping around in a totally cool pair of black boots. Take a break from the countless shades of brown out there and pull out a pair of black boots. With countless styles, cuts, and designs, there is bound to be a pair out there that speaks to you. These boots aren’t just super pretty, they are also incredibly versatile; black will work with almost anything in your closet!

In all, this fall promises to be a fun season filled with many new trends and styles! So venture out and try as many as you can. Who knows? You may just find your new favorite piece!