• Sean Wang & Adam Assali

Humans of Halifax: November 10th

Humans of Halifax is a regular feature on The Trollope Times that brings readers closer to the people of Halifax. Reporters Sean Wang and Adam Assali interview interesting people and present the stories and views that they share.

Sean: Can you tell us a little bit about your program?

We are from a Confucius Institute at Saint Mary’s University. It’s a joint program between Saint Mary’s and Xiamen University. This is a non-profit organization where any donations go toward sharing the Chinese culture and language with the community and that is our mission. So, we are here annually on September 27 to celebrate Confucius Day. Actually eleven years ago, the first Confucius Institute was set up in South Korea. Today, as part of this event, we hosted the China Culture Open Day in the Halifax Central Library. We have different sessions to show people the different aspects of Chinese culture. One of our main objectives is the offering of Mandarin courses and also culture related courses. Besides that, we also host a lot of culture related events. For example, we will host a professional Chinese performance at the Spatz Theatre on October 6, so all year round we have events taking place.

What’s your main goal?

This a multi-cultural country and we need to share the beauty of different cultures. Everyone can come here and enjoy the day as well as finding the beauty behind Chinese culture from their perspective.

How would a student be able to sign up for the program?

We are located at Saint Mary’s University but really, our program is open to the general public. We are connected over Facebook, Twitter, etc. and we have a website where you can apply online.

Website: www.smu.ca/ci

Email: Confucius.institute@smu.ca

Tel: 902 496 8255

Twitter: @CI_SMU

Facebook: Facebook.com/Confucius.institute.smu