• Sara Folkins

Sara's Declassified School Survival Guide

Time management: a quality every student is expected to have. Except most of us don’t!

Although managing school work, sports, clubs and work seems like an impossible task, it can be done. As a person who is involved with all of these things, I can assure you it can be done. My time management skills in combination with my three agendas have helped me become a more efficient and prepared student. While time management is probably the most important skill for a teenager to have, it is not taught in school. Today I’ll be giving you some tips on getting good grades, attending sports practices, going to club meetings and remaining employed, all while maintaining a social life.

Tip #1: Take advantage of lunch time.

Lunch is the ideal time to catch up with friends, gossip, and relax in between classes. However, it is also the ideal time to finish homework assigned in morning classes, read ahead in textbooks or work on future assignments. Clubs often meet at lunch time so this is the perfect time to cross that off the to-do list. While the library and math extra help rooms are great places to study during frees and some lunch times, most of the time they are very loud and packed with students. You’d be better off doing your homework in the cafeteria! I find most students are hardly working and just act as a distraction to others who are trying to work. If I’m not at a meeting during lunch time, my favorite place to get work done is in my teachers’ classrooms. Just ask a teacher during lunch if you could use their room to study, there’s a good chance they’ll say yes. This gives you a quiet place to work and as a bonus, if you have questions, a teacher is right there to answer them.

Tip #2: Write down everything

Whether it’s in an agenda, the calendar on your phone or in the trusty Homework App, everything that needs to be done should be written down. This includes appointments, meetings, assignments, homework, shifts and practices.. EVERYTHING. Trust me, you will not be able to remember it all. First, I write down all upcoming events that I know of. Then I like to organize homework and assignments by importance and due date. As things get done I check them off the list and focus on the next most important thing. When things get really busy, I estimate how much time everything will take so I know how much free time I will have. If there’s no time for relaxation, decide what doesn’t need to be done that night because recovery time is important.

Tip #3: Ask for help

It’s always good to know who you can turn to when things get stressful. It could be a teacher, parent or friend but there is always someone around who is willing and able to help you if need be. Making more commitments than we can handle happens to everyone. This is when it’s important to be able to pass one of these commitments on to someone you trust. Remember you can’t do it all by yourself! A good support system is essential to success.

With the right advice, your high school years can become much easier. I hope these tips help you as much as they’ve helped me, and stay tuned for more Sara’s Declassified School Survival Guide.