• Puneet Sharma

Artist Spotlight: Majid Jordan

Toronto duo Majid Jordan (Majid Al Maskati and Jordan Ullman) have yet to release a full studio album after their official start in 2011. They had released an EP named “After Hours” under the name “Good People” as their debut project. By 2013 they found themselves co-producing and featuring on Drake’s “Hold on We’re Going Home”, which became one of Drake’s most successful singles. The duo, from then on, have slowly developed their sound, and their fan base has been growing ever since. Their success led them to release their debut EP under the name “Majid Jordan” called “A Place Like This” on SoundCloud. The EP was then released digitally via OVO Sound.

“A Place Like This” has only five songs and with no features. “A Place Like This”,”Her” and “Forever”, have all become popular singles for the duo. These three songs and the EP itself all have become Majid Jordan’s most well known work and have attracted many fans who are expecting a full studio album soon.

All of the songs on Majid Jordan’s EP have a unique style. The importance of a variety of digital sounds are evident and the complex combinations of these sounds makes for very impressive music which mimics disco but holds its own outside of that specific genre. The use of pads, synths, and heavy bass may show an influence of trap music but the sound is far from mainstream. The beats alone make for a euphoric sound that is ideal for listening to at a club. Yet, although the sound is upbeat the music is relaxed and can be enjoyed just as much on a calm night. The production certainly plays a large role in the duo’s ability to create this unique atmosphere. However, it is Majid’s singing that adds yet another layer to the complex music. His hooks and voice allow the listener to stay interested and at the same time further develop their style and define their genre.

The EP has received a lot of praise and has helped the duo gain a larger audience. With the help of Drake on the single “My Love”, Majid Jordan has fans eagerly waiting for their highly anticipated full studio album. Although the duo has begun to impress they still have a long way to go and with the help of OVO Sound they are heading closer and closer to becoming a major artist.

You can check their music out on Spotify, iTunes, or SoundCloud.