• Cody Jones

Spazzy D: "The Nile" Album Review

Disclaimer – this album contains mature subject matter, please listen at your own discretion.

Artist: Spazzy D

Release: September 19th, 2015

Features: Slyrex

Indianapolis-born MC Spazzy D is a lyrical wonder. His verses are filled with tight laced, dizzying internal rhymes and a whirling flow that would leave any fan of rap amazed. Due to his voice and style, he has been called a fusion between Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole. Lately, Spazzy has been hitting his stride and getting hot with his new EP, The Nile.

This project is heavily oriented around the motif of water, featuring titles such as

“Drown Me”, “H2O”, “Waterfalls” and “Thirsty”. The Nile covers a wide range of topics throughout its runtime, which is just under twenty minutes, including racial stereotypes, family issues and more.

The album kicks off with “Drown Me”, a track about various peer pressures, moral dilemmas and struggles Spazzy faces in his own life. The production is grand and regal, featuring string melodies and a vocal sample. It is accompanied by atmospheric water sounds and frames Spazzy’s vocals perfectly.

Next is “H2O”, a laid-back track where Spazzy expresses the importance of being you.

“Waterfalls” follow this, a track that features Skyrex on its hook. The beat features a wistful guitar picking melody. Spazzy raps about human character, moral questions and more between Slyrex’s melancholy spin on TLC’s Iconic song, “Waterfalls”. The track is a passionate, heartfelt success.

On “Thirsty”, Spazzy raps about his encounters with racial stereotyping and responds with the truth about his character and life. The track makes you think and has a great flow to it.

“Just Listen” is laid back and its smooth guitar riff-based production sets the stage for Spazzy to do his thing. Themes include adversity he’s faced, greed and human vices.

Next is “Selfish”, a heartbreaking song about he and his mothers’ differences of opinion and Spazzy’s past struggles with bullying as well as not fitting in in his environment. The beat is soulful, with a vocal sample and harmonica melodies flowing along to its slow-tempo drums.

The final track on the EP is “Awake”. Unlike the soulful, laid-back tone of the rest of the project’s instrumentals, this one is chilling with a cascading piano riff and heavy, dark bass. Twisted synth melodies occasionally pierce the atmosphere as Spazzy speaks on racial inequality and not feeling safe due to the color of his skin. “Awake” is an intense ending to The Nile.

In conclusion, “The Nile” is a short but sweet offering of soul music, with its generally laid-back, comforting vibe. Spazzy D showcases his impressive lyrical skill throughout, speaking on a plethora of culturally relevant topics. It’s an extremely well written project all around and leaves me wanting more.

Rating: 9/10

Favourite Songs (in order of appearance): Drown Me, Waterfalls (feat. Slyrex), Awake

Least Favourite Song: H2O