• Julia Hiltz

The True Story of UGGs

Each year as the temperature cools, countless new pieces of clothing are brought out. However, one stands out from the rest: UGG boots. Every year, UGGs make their appearance, keeping innumerable feet warm and cozy across the globe. Yet as these boots continue to grow in popularity, branching out into a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, few people are aware of how the UGG brand began. As you will find out, it’s a most interesting story.

UGG boots are originally from Australia, where numerous local manufacturers create their own versions of the sheepskin boot. They were popular with shearers to keep their feet warm and then later on, surfers, in an effort to keep their feet toasty after coming out of the ocean.

The UGG brand we know today all began in 1978 when surfer Brian Smith came to Southern California from Australia, bringing with him, of all things, sheepskin boots. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Brian was eager to share his love of sheepskin boots with the world. The beaches of Southern California were known for its relaxed lifestyle, exactly what Brian was looking for. And so the UGG brand began. It was an immediate success, UGGs soon becoming a staple of Southern Californian culture. Soon, the boots were found in surf shops along California’s coast, where the trend continued to grow coming into big cities and ski shops across the US.

By the end of the 90s, countless celebrities were spotted wearing their UGG boots, causing the fashion world to take notice. UGGs soon swept the nation, becoming a symbol for a casual, relaxed lifestyle. When Oprah declared her love of her UGG boots in 2000, the trend went viral.

Soon, stores were opened in New York and UGG became a chic brand, with ads appearing in fashion publications like Vogue. Their boots, slippers, clogs, and sandals became staples of the luxury footwear brand. Upon UGG Australia’s success in the fashion mecca of New York, countless new styles and variations of UGGs were designed. New products included knit boots, sneakers, and even wedges, all designed with UGG’s core principles in mind. From there, UGG became a global sensation. Stores popped up all over the world from London to Tokyo, and the brand only continues to grow.

The UGG boot has fast become a cold weather staple across the globe. The footwear brand only continues to grow in popularity, still introducing new styles to all the UGG lovers in the world today.