• Jack Sajko

Nova Scotia's Minimum Wage to Increase to $10.70

Annually on April 1st, the minimum wage in Nova Scotia is altered. This year, after the minimum wage review committee accepted recommendations, the minimum wage will increase to $10.70/hour. The need for the increase is judged by last year’s national Consumer Price Index.

However, is $10.70/hour sufficient to live in Nova Scotia? With prices of everyday necessities increasing significantly, the minimum wage is not doing the same for consumers as it has in the past.

A recent study has shown that for someone to live at a comfortable standard of living, they would need to work full-time and would need to be paid $20.10/hour. This is almost double what minimum wage currently is. The study reveals that in order for someone to earn a living wage they would need to work 35 hours a week for 52 weeks a year at $20.10/hr. As a part-time employee, there are multiple people I work with who work ‘full-time’ with a wage of half of this.

The problem is that people who work as an employee at a grocery store, for example, can’t physically work enough to reach what this study has shown to be appropriate. It seems that although the minimum wage in Nova Scotia increases annually, it is not in line with the increase of the cost of living. This will become extremely problematic as the cost of living increases significantly within the next few decades; the minimum wage is going to have to increase to an even higher rate.