• Sean Wang and Adam Assali

Humans of Halifax: March 18th

Rachel is a first year student at Pearson College, in her first year of the IB program.

Sean: How did you get involved with the Pearson College application?

Rachel: I found out about Pearson from my Dad in seventh grade because he went to see the campus when he went to UVic (University of Victoria) and thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. Then my friend went when I was in grade nine to Pearson and she loved it. She really enjoyed meeting all the people there, and so I thought going to meeting all those international students there would be amazing.

Sean: So how did the application process go? What requirements did you have to have?

Rachel: Pearson general looks for students that are engaged in the community, who volunteer but you also to have some form of academic capability, because IB is a strenuous program and so they look for that as well. For the application process itself, you go to http://www.pearsoncollege.ca/ and you click "Apply" and the deadline is December 1st. In the application there is a whole bunch of questions that ask about your background, how you are involved, whether or not you are involved in sports or arts but there is not a one size fits all to get into Pearson. Instead, they look for a variety and whether or not they think you would be engaged in Pearson.

Sean: So how would you say learning outside of your community, or what you would call home, improved you as an individual?

Rachel: So for example I live in a dormitory now, so I have roommates from Indonesia, Germany and Zimbabwe and one of the things I found very interesting was my roommate from Zimbabwe would tell me all about the corruption they have in Zimbabwe. They currently have a dictator who acts as a president, and they have elections to make it seem as though it is a democracy. How they rig the election is they have people that are dead cast ballots in their name. So the person who is currently the dictator got in because all the dead people supposedly voted and they have no way of tracking it. People who do know about it are forced to flee.

Sean: What are some of the big extracurricular activities at Pearson that you would recommend?

Rachel: The diving program is awesome. People love that. There is a nearby island that is owned by the College and it is home to 2000 sea lions. So you go and the divers swim with the sea lions and a lot of them they have taught to high five the divers, which is really cool. I was on a kayaking trip and Pearson College is directly on a bay so we have classes on the docks but right when you would come out of the bay into the Pacific ocean there are a bunch of sea lions that hang out there. And so, we were kayaking and they just started doing all these flips and tricks and they watched us for like 20 minutes. They were so fascinated by the kayaks and there was this little baby sea lion that couldn't do anything without following someone so the adult would do something and like 20 seconds later he would do the exact same thing as he was trying to figure it out and it was really cute.

Sean: Lastly, would you say the experience is worth while and do you have any advice to give to High school students?

Rachel: In general to high school students, get involved. That was probably the main reason I got into Pearson and if this is something you think you would like to do, just apply. You never know. Pearson for me is the most amazing thing. I love the international component, getting to know people from all different places, getting to know their story and learning about different cultures and problems that arise throughout the world. It is an intense community but everybody is super supportive. We have a very open LGBTQ community, and it’s accepting of anything so that is what I love about it.