• Alex Oprea

Goodwall.org: A Social Network for Good

Goodwall.org is a new social media which has several features and uses. Students aged 14-18 can use it to record and publicize their academic and extracurricular achievements, to be matched with universities and colleges that fit their preferences, and to find new opportunities to develop their resumes.

The organization’s following has increased rapidly in the past few months, as the website has undergone a complete makeover; attracting many new users, and university partnerships. This newfound success correlates with the recent investments in the start-up; a $2.1 million seed from education-minded investors. This seed will be used to fund the website’s scholarships, which include monthly awards to do with leaderships, sports, and arts, where students are rewarded with a certificate and small prizes. The Student of the Month $1000 scholarship has also been added to the website’s scholarship page, thanks to the investment. A new addition to the organization’s prizes is a semi-annual $500 scholarship for students in schools with 50+ users on Goodwall. Citadel students will be the first to be available for the school-wide scholarship, as we are the top school on the website.

Another large update to the website is the database of universities and opportunities. During the sign-up process, students are asked for information on their grades, goals, and hopes for university. This allows students to be matched to universities based on location, admission chances, and program preferences. Students and university admissions officers are able to use the website to chat with one another; a valuable resource for seeking out successful students, for students to have their post-secondary questions answered, and for students to make an early impression at universities they hope to attend. Likewise, students are offered resources to do with university applications, extracurriculars, and scholarships via a database of videos on the website.

The opportunities page on the website is another that continues to grow. This page features educational programs and volunteer opportunities from all over the world. This allows students an easy way to find new extracurriculars, and to plan their summers.

As a whole, the Goodwall organization has seen well-deserved success in the past few months. The various resources on the site are continuing to grow and develop. Students can join at goodwall.org, or can contact the Grade 11 IB students at Citadel to learn how to use Goodwall as a volunteer opportunity.