• Julia Hiltz

Homework Helpers

As every high school student knows, homework comes with the territory. While the year progresses, the pile of schoolwork seems to increase to a never-ending amount. Homework can always be a struggle, more so as students burn the midnight oil while working to get everything done. Below are some tips that will hopefully help with the time management and organization that can be key in helping to get homework done in a timely manner.

Make a list!

Writing out a list of all the work that you must accomplish can be extremely helpful. This allows you to visualize exactly what has to be done and lays it all out. It can be beneficial to write out the list in the order you intend to complete each task, so as to go about each item in an organized fashion. A list can also be used to create a mini-schedule for homework, helping with the allocation of time to specific tasks and prioritizing them all. Plus, the feeling of checking off a completed task serves as great motivation for the other items on the list!

Take breaks!

It can be incredibly difficult to maintain focus when working for hours on end. Taking a quick break after finishing the homework for one class, for example, allows you to re-charge via relaxation. Shifting your focus for a short period of time allows you to re-energize, thus enabling you to re-focus when hitting the books again. The rest period gives your brain and yourself a quick break, helping you to move on to the next task with a new surge of energy.

Use fun supplies!

Homework can get a little boring, especially after you’ve been working on it for a few hours. Getting fun school supplies, like patterned notebooks, can break up the monotony of loose-leaf and worksheets. Even writing out your notes in pens of different colours can help brighten up your studying and perhaps make it a little easier to read and digest. Using fun supplies can hopefully make homework a little less painful by brightening up your workspace and notes.

While you trudge through your pile of homework, hopefully these tips will help make all of your work a little more manageable. Good luck!