• Alex Oprea

Ted Talks to Beat the Mid-Semester Blues

The time has come in the school year where many of us have been hit with the mid-semester blues. Whether it’s stress, boredom, or the impending doom of university applications, students everywhere are looking for ways to perk up. One method many may not have considered is the genius that is Ted Talks. What are Ted Talks? Ted Talks are videos in which speakers address all sorts of topics, often with an interesting twist or undeniable humour. These talks are easily accessible to all and can leave the audience feeling touched, inspired, even with a shift in mindset.

With the mid-semester blues in mind, here are five Ted Talks suitable for students and our day to day struggles.

#1 - Looking Past Limits - Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey has an incredible life story, she was legally blind since birth, and didn't know it. Her Ted Talk motivates us to appreciate every moment, and every opportunity of life. She teaches us challenges; whether it be a disability or not, are part of life, and that they can be overcome.

#2 - Everyday Leadership - Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley teaches us a short and simple lesson by a funny little story of his. The message? Our everyday actions have the capability to impact others in BIG ways. This Ted Talks reminds us that you don't need money, a degree, or superpowers to create positive change.

​#3 - How to Make Stress Your Friend - Kelly McGonigal

This is such a refreshing take on the typical stress advice you hear. "Take a bubble bath!" "Exercise!" "Organize!" That is BS. Kelly McGonigal takes a different approach, that stress is meant to prepare you for the challenges to come, so we should embrace it.

#4 - 8 Secrets of Success - Richard St John ​

You may think that a lecture about success could lack cliches, but this one does. Inspirational, poignant, sweet and short.

#5 - Why We Need to Practice Emotional First Aid - Guy Winch

Finally someone said it. Guy Winch uses his own anecdotes to make us question the public health care system; wondering why we don't stress mental health as much as we should. A must watch if you have a little more time on your hands!