• Cody Jones

Top 4 Things That Make NYC Great

It’s not uncommon for people to refer to New York City as the greatest place in the world, or the center of the universe. Although that may contain a certain element of hyperbole, as there are many great cities of the world, none are quite like New York. The US’ largest city is home to many iconic landmarks, sports teams and people. The city’s influence over politics, pop culture and sports throughout its history is undeniable. In this article, I’ll explore some of the many things that make New York City great.

#1 - The Food:

As a melting pot of ethnicities and cultures, and a dense population center, New York City is home to some great cuisine. My personal favourite is Grimaldi’s Pizza. Located under the Brooklyn Bridge, Grimaldi’s is home to some of the best pizza in the world. It’s methodology of cooking in coal-fired ovens with only the best of ingredients makes for some delicious pizza. Another great restaurant in the city is Patsy’s, a traditional Italian restaurant on 56th that has stood the test of time, being open since 1944. If you eat there, you’ll notice many pictures of celebrities eating at the famous restaurant! Junior’s is also great, which serves delicious deli-style food, which started in Brooklyn, but can also be found near Times Square in Manhattan.

#2 - The Sports:

New York City’s metropolitan area is home to countless sports teams, some of which are incredibly storied franchises. The most obvious example is the Yankees. Many baseball greats including Mickey Mantle, Babe Ruth and more have donned the pinstripes, which play in iconic Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. New York City is also home to Madison Square Garden, an arena often regarded to as the world’s most famous. The Garden is home to the Rangers and Knicks. Although it’s been moved on several occasions, the Garden has been in its current spot since 1968 and consistently is host to star-studded concerts and events.

Madison Square Garden offers an all access tour, which involves touring the owners’ suite, the locker rooms and more. I myself did this tour in January, and it did not disappoint!

#3 - The Culture:

Culture and New York City go hand in hand. So many famous people have come from NYC, from actors, to musicians, to artists and more. New York City is home to the world-famous Broadway theatres, which have put on countless iconic shows including Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Chicago and many others. New York City is also a center for music, and is the birthplace of Hip Hop Culture. Not to be forgotten are NYC’s many art galleries including MOMA, the Guggenheim Museum and countless other great exhibits. If you’re looking for culture, come to NYC.

#4 - The Icons:

The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, to name a few, are some of New York’s most iconic sights. Many of these destinations have become symbols of not only New York City, but also the United States as a whole. So many famous buildings in such close proximity makes for some great sightseeing! New York City is sure to be an interesting visit for so many reasons. Whether you’re a history buff, a pop-culture aficionado or a proprietor of urban life, New York is worth a visit!

In conclusion, New York City has so many great things to offer. As a vibrant metropolis, the Big Apple is stacked with activities for everyone. As it’s my personal favourite city, I hold bias towards it, but it is a must visit. The city that never sleeps is waiting!