• Julia Hiltz

Be a Holiday Super Shopper!

December is fast approaching and that means holiday shopping! It’s that time of year when stores get packed, and all we do is buy, buy, buy. Nobody likes running around to countless stores and fighting off crowds at the last minute to get their gifts. Here are some of my best tips to help you get your holiday shopping on track, while hopefully saving some money at the same time! Happy Shopping!

Be prepared!

Make a list of the gifts you are planning on buying as well as all of the people whom you are shopping for before you arrive at your destination. This will help lay out exactly where you need to go and what you need to look at.

Make a plan!

Create a plan including which stores you need to visit before you get to your destination. This will help immensely in limiting shopping time! Also, pick a day or time in advance that you know will not be a busy shopping day, so you can spend less time waiting in lines and dealing with crowds.

Shop the sales!

Look at flyers or online for advertised sales. Plan your shopping accordingly to get some great deals!

Shop early!

Try to get all of your holiday shopping done early so as to avoid crowds of last minute shoppers. You also give yourself time to scope out deals and to get gift presentation completed early!

Think homemade!

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t ones that you purchase. Try looking into cute and easy crafts or baking you can gift this holiday season!