• Sam Jones

Offside Report: October

After every week of the NBA season I update you on the major moments, on-court

and off-court that you need to know. From trade rumors, to controversies, clutch

moments, trades: everything basketball will be right here. So, with that being said,

let’s talk about the stories of week one.

Russell Westbrook is VERY hungry

Russell Westbrook made history Friday night, becoming the first player to record a

triple-double with over 50 points. The last player to do this was Kareem Abdul-

Jabbar in 1975. The Thunder won in overtime 113-110 over the Suns. After the

game, Russell Westbrook said “I’m hungry, I’ll tell you that much.” TJ Warren of the

Suns notched 30 points, setting a new career high. This is the first home game with

Oklahoma City Thunder since the departure of Kevin Durant.

Lebron James still in finals form

Slowing down wasn’t an option for James, if he wants to repeat over an unstoppable

Warriors team. Lebron James recorded a triple-double in the NBA’s season opener

against the New York Knicks, scoring 9 of 14 field goals and recording 14 assists.

Lebron also showed off why he is still the king with highlight reel dunks and blocks.

Kyrie Irving also scored 29 points, and held newly acquired Knick Courtney Lee

scoreless in his debut with the team. The Cavaliers won 117-88.

Dikembe Mutumbo’s jersey retired by Denver Nuggets

Legendary Nuggets bigman Dikembe Mutumbo’s #55 was retired during halftime of a

game against the Portland Trailblazers on Saturday. Known for his shot blocking,

finger wagging, and upsetting the first-seed SuperSonics in the first round of the

1994 playoffs. The former fourth overall pick is the fifth Nugget to have his number

retired. The Denver Nuggets lost in overtime due to a clutch game winner by Damian


Dwayne Wade fined for throat slashing gesture

Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has been fined $25,000 by the NBA after

making a throat slashing gesture in a 105-99 win over the Boston Celtics. Wade

scored 22 points in the win. Dwyane Wade took to twitter, saying “I wanna apologize

to my young fans on my gesture at the end of last nights game. I was caught up in

the emotions of my first game at home.” Wade has returned to his hometown team

after 13 years playing for the Miami Heat, and has said that he is not surprised at the

fine he was given.

Greg Oden calls it quits

Well, it’s about time. One of the biggest draft busts in NBA history, the man known

only for being picked ahead of Kevin Durant, appears to have called his career quits.

In an interview with the Indianapolis Star, he was asked if he would ever play

basketball again. He replied by saying “I wish. It’s over.” Greg Oden last played with

the Miami Heat in the 2013-14 season, averaging 2.9 points and 2.3 rebounds per

game in 23 games.

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Three Stars Of The Week:

First Star: Russell Westbrook

Second Star: Anthony Davis

Third Star: Jonas Valanciunas

Power Rankings

#1: Cleveland Cavaliers (3-0)

#2: San Antonio Spurs (3-0)

#3: Chicago Bulls (2-0)

#4: Atlanta Hawks (2-0)

#5: Boston Celtics (2-1)

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Question Of The Week: Who do you think will win the NBA MVP?

Now, I know that many people think that Russell Westbrook, Lebron James or Kawhi

Leonard are going to win the NBA Most Valuable Player award, however I believe

that Damian Lillard will win it. My first reasoning behind this is how he lifted the

Portland Trailblazers from 2nd last in the conference to a playoff spot, and even to

the second round of the playoffs. We know he can shoot, dunk, stretch the floor,

dribble and defend. Not forgetting that he scored 39 and proving he is the most

clutch player in the NBA against the Nuggets. I think that if he is strong enough in all

the qualities he showed last year for the entire season he can win.