• Carlos Ninez

WestWorld (2016) - A Perfect Reboot?

9.5/10 “The show is nothing short of brilliant.”

“WestWorld” an HBO original show,is proving to be one of the greatest shows of 2016. While the show isn’t for the faint of heart, if you are into shows like “Stranger Things” and “Lost” or movies like “The Matrix”, “Inception” or “Star Wars”, then “WestWorld” is the show for you. Directed by J.J Abrams, the show shelves loads of great actors, such as Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris and Evan Rachel Wood. Though only 3 ​episodes are out (as of writing), the show is looking to be a new, small screen blockbuster.

“WestWorld” leads us to a place where the Wild West is brought to life, with the aid of life-like robots that are programmed for the visitors’ pleasure. In the area of “WestWorld”, the robots help create storylines where you can be a bandit, a sheriff, a bounty hunter or anything else that fits your needs within the Western environment, even allowing guests to“murder” the robots.

That said, the show isn’t just about people having fun in a Western theme park, the robots are starting to show their flaws as some of them realize that the world they know of is long gone- a problem that the engineers haven’t had to have deal with in 30 years.

Even after the latest episodes are done, you can still learn more about “WestWorld”. The show’s deep lore (if you care to explore it) can be found by searching through websites that function as if they were real websites for the fictional WestWorld park and it’s management. Through these websites, people have found many secrets about the park, like the park’s true purpose within the show, and what might be causing the robots to break down. The websites are constantly being updated, so you can always try to dig around to see what you can find. Since a lot of the secrets are hidden through codes and hard puzzle solving, the WestWorld community could always use your help.

The show is nothing short of brilliant, taking cues from HBO’s “Game of Thrones” for its vast amount of detailed characters. Each scene makes the viewer question not only what might happen next, but also what the characters are hiding from us, and how such a park would affect our society if it were to exist today. It asks us what we would do if given the opportunity to be in such a park, and if we would accept such a park into society within our own culture.

The show’s scenes are rich with breathtaking shots of the Western desert and the inhabiting towns, and the characters are all beautifully crafted to work in the show, with each scene making us support, love or question each character.

I will note, however, that the show has,in its last episode, toned down slightly in terms of action. I believe it might be for the better though, as it seems to be filling us in on important backstories before moving on again. On a final note, before watching this show please remember that it is quite graphic, and contains scenes of partial nudity giving it a recommended age rating of 18+.