• Julia Hiltz

Citadel Club Spotlight: Radical Knits

Radical Knits is Citadel High’s own knitting club. Started last year by founder Hannah Estabrook, the club combines creativity with community service in a fun and engaging way! I sat down with Hannah, the club’s leader, to discuss Radical Knits!

Julia Hiltz: What is Radical Knits all about?

Hannah Estabrook: Radical Knits is Citadel’s own progressive knitting club. The idea is that students and staff can come and learn how to knit, or bring their own knitting if they’re already familiar with it, and then they either work on independent projects, or we also do some group projects as community service. We’ve knit dishcloths that we’re going to donate to a soup kitchen. We’ve also knit some squares, which we attached into pet blankets for an animal shelter. Basically the idea is to learn a fun, new skill, and then use it for a positive change.

JH: What inspired you to start the club?

HE: I guess the main thing that inspired me to start Radical Knits was the fact that I really loved to knit myself and find that it’s a really rewarding hobby. It can be really relaxing as well, kind of a nice break from your everyday life. And then I also wanted to share this skill with other people, and teach them how to knit, then put all of our work together to make something happen in our community.

JH: How did you create the name “Radical Knits”?

HE: That’s a great question. It took me a long time actually to come up with a name that I thought captured the essence of this community service-group project-knitting club that I had in mind. So I wanted to capture the idea that knitting doesn’t have to be this very traditional, old-fashioned thing that everyone kind of perceives it to be. I wanted to show that knitting can be really progressive and innovative and can be a great medium for positive change. So I thought that the word “radical” captured all of that innovation and positivity that I’d like it to have.

JH: What project is the club working on right now?

HE: Right now, people are working on some different projects. The main thing we have going on is that we’re trying to knit some different ornaments to decorate our school around the holiday season, to create a positive atmosphere in our school. There’s some people who are knitting little hearts that will become ornaments. We also made some garland out of recycled yarn that we actually made. Then some other folks are still working on knitting dishcloths for a soup kitchen in our community.

JH: When and where do you meet?

HE: We meet every week on Tuesdays at lunch in room 110. Anyone who would like to join is always welcome to come. We always accept new members!

JH: Thank you Hannah!