• Kali Regenvanu

10 Tips for a European Trip!

When travelling to a new country, it is always a little worrying not knowing what to expect. I recently travelled through the beautiful continent of Europe and have assembled a few key tips to ensure your European trip is the best it can be!

1. Pack light!

It is great to have all you need and more when you travel, but what’s worse than forgetting your favourite sweater? Carrying around huge suitcases through busy airports and around various cities. Trust me when I say, it isn’t as enjoyable when you’re trailing a suitcase the size of an elephant behind you! A great alternative to a suitcase is a larger sized backpack! They carry everything you need, and you can have it on you all the time!

2. Travel during the in-between season!

When I travelled to Europe, we chose to travel in October. This is by far one of the best times to go to Europe! Not only is the weather beautiful and calm, the autumn leaves are beginning to fall, which makes for a lovely setting. The in-between season shows a less busy side of your dream cities, which means a more personal experience for your travels!

3. Eat locally!

If you don’t eat the country’s local food options, I promise you, you will regret it! Not only is it a great way to get familiar with a new culture, it is a fantastic way to give back to the country! I personally found the best food I ate in Europe was bought on the street locally, with local ingredients. Make sure you don’t miss out on each respective country’s hidden gems!

4.Take the bus or train!

Whether you are travelling within the city or to another country, Europe’s train and bus systems are an incredible way to get around. Rather than spending a fortune for a cab, a bus or train is quick and cheap and allows an interesting view into local life.

5.Don’t limit your visits to popular spots!

When travelling to Europe, it is important to go to all of the places you’ve heard about! Make sure you go to all of the hot-spots, but don’t forget about the other hidden gems of the city. There are so many incredible places that are often overlooked in Europe, so make sure you explore and find these marvelous nooks and crannies.

6. Learn a sentence or two!

Europe is a diverse continent, bursting at the seams with language, culture and vibrance. In Europe, a little goes a long way in terms of language. Even learning a sentence or two in the language of the country you’re in makes a huge difference. If you know a simple ‘please’, ‘thank-you’ and a greeting, you’re set! It may also be helpful to have a dictionary or translation app handy in cases of confusion.

7.Download Google Maps!

I can’t begin to explain how helpful Google Maps became on my trip to Europe! This app is free and available to download on the App Store. It has changed travelling and transportation forever. Not only does this app locate nearby grocery stores, libraries, ATM’s and hospitals, it gives very clear instructions and directions that allow you to explore the city like a local! I would definitely recommend downloading this app prior to travel.

8.Don’t plan too much!

One of the most exciting days you may have whilst in Europe may not be planned at all! Sometimes, it can be interesting just to see where the city may take you. When you arrive, it can be fun to check out local concerts or events and plan days very loosely. This way, you’ll have time to explore in between your stops!


Walking is a sure-fire way to stay healthy whilst on vacation, to get fresh air and to fully experience the city. When you walk through the city, you experience and see things that may become some of your best memories.

10.Enjoy your trip the fullest!

Lastly, it is important that you remember to enjoy yourself when you’re travelling!

Happy travelling!