• Theodora Ruddy


NANOWRIMO came to a close on November 30th, while many people stayed up to write the rest of their draft for a novel, and this happens every year. What started as a challenge between friends in university has spread across the globe as people try to write 50,000 words in a month. This happens annually as people across the world use this as an excuse to procrastinate on their homework and write a novel.

Everyone and anyone can write a novel, and anyone and everyone can participate in events like NANOWRIMO. Some people officially sign up on the website, others collaborate with friends to finish the story they want to tell. High school students also participate in NANOWRIMO, which can be difficult to do when juggling school and a social life, work, and the need to sleep for more than an hour. Not all of them finish their 50,000 words of their novel, but almost everyone enjoys it.

The goal of NANOWRIMO is not to finish, though it’s preferable, but to get started with writing your idea. The drafts at the end of NANOWRIMO would make most English teachers cringe, and then start to smile when they notice the foundations of a good novel. Many writers believe they cannot write fast, cannot write well, and cannot stop themselves from over editing and this event is an annual chance for anyone to try to write what they want. Many people will not reach 50,000 words, but now have the confidence to continue writing their own story at the end of NANOWRIMO. Groups like Citadels own Creative Writing Club are a good place to start writing and to gain a network of people to help and support your writing.

Will you try NANOWRIMO next year?