• Kali Regenvanu

10 LGBT+ Musicians You Should Have On Your Playlist

The music world is a quick-changing place filled with the artists, the creators, the innovators of the world. There is something for everyone in music. The spotlight is often shone on those who are more ‘acceptable’ by society’s standards, but today I want to show you some fantastic LGBT+ artists who deserve recognition and appreciation. Trust me when I say you won’t be sorry you added these musicians to your playlist!

1. Le1f

Khalif Diouf is a gay rapper and producer from New York. He has released several mixtapes and EP’s, and finally released a great studio album in 2015. His stage name is Le1f and he has a lot to offer. His songs have a strong electronic sound, a fantastic dance beat topped off with his incredible rap flow. Le1f is truly someone to look out for.

Genre: Electronic Hip-Hop Rap

Songs to check out: BOOM, Koi and Wut

2. Neon Trees

Neon Trees is an American band from Utah consisting of four very talented members. You’ve probably heard a hit or two of theirs on the radio, but did you know their lead vocalist is gay? Tyler Glenn came out later in life after growing up in a very strict Mormon household. This band is a talented group that has been identified by alt rock legends like The Killers, Blink 182 and Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Genre: Alternative Rock

Songs to check out: Animal, Everybody Talks and Sleeping with a Friend

3. Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is an R&B legend born and raised in California. He is a bisexual man who was one of the first mainstream black hip hop artists to come out in 2012. Frank Ocean is an inspiration with a magical voice and a heart of gold. His lyrics are poetic and he is one of my favourite artists of all time.

Genre: R&B

Songs to check out: Swim Good, Bad Religion and Thinkin’ Bout You

4. Lowell

Elizabeth Lowell Boland, known by her stage name Lowell, is a Canadian songstress hailing from Alberta. She has a hauntingly beautiful voice and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights with her music. She is bisexual and unafraid, and a huge inspiration for all young people. Her tracks are catchy and unique, and her voice is perfectly eerie and edgy.

Genre: Electropop

Songs to check out: The Bells, Ride and Palm Trees

5. Angel Haze

Raeen Roes Wilson, known by her stage name Angel Haze is a feisty pansexual rapper with truckloads of talent and a flow that will blow you away. She is one of the strongest women in rap at the moment and deserves much more recognition. She has a fast flow and her songs are fiery, but she can switch to slow, heartfelt songs in seconds. She is a multi-faceted artist with a lot to offer.

Genre: Hip-Hop

Songs to check out: Werkin’ Girls, Battle Cry, Echelon

6. Shamir

This colourful singer is a force to be reckoned with in the music world right now. They are an energetic, strong black person who isn’t afraid to kick up their heels to a good dance beat. They are gender queer and not afraid to serve a hot steaming plate of sassy to their listeners. Shamir Bailey is coming up fast and is destined to be a star.

Genre: Electronic pop

Songs to check out: On The Regular, In For The Kill and Call It Off

7. Who Is Fancy

Jake Hagood, also known by his stage name Who Is Fancy, is a confident, body-positive gay man hailing from Arkansas. His hit single ‘Goodbye’ took off in the US, but his label made the decision to hide Jake’s identity from the world. Many videos were released with different vocalist’s lip-syncing his music, but nobody knew who Jake was. Finally, in 2015 on the Tonight Show, Who Is Fancy was revealed. He later went on to collaborate with popular artists like Meghan Trainor and Ariana Grande. He is a shining star in the music world right now, with his powerhouse voice and his bubbly persona.

Genre: Pop

Songs to check out: Goodbye and Boys Like You

8. Years and Years

Years and Years is a personal favourite of mine. They are an electric trio hailing from Britain with a whole lot to offer. They have already found huge amounts of success in the UK, and have topped the charts all around the world. Lead singer, Olly Alexander, is a gay man and proud to be one. His beautiful voice teamed with the catchy electronic beats makes for a fantastic combination. They are an impressive, young group ready to serve unbeatable tracks to their adoring fans.

Genre: Electronic synth indie pop

Songs to check out: King, Take Shelter and Desire

9. Perfume Genius

Mike Hadreas is a Seattle based solo artist with truckloads of talent. His music has been featured in hit TV shows like Suits, How to get away with Murder and Catfish, and for good reason. He has a great voice and vibrant personality with an artist’s mind. He is definitely someone to check out.

Genre: Indie Pop

Songs to check out: Queen, Hood and Dark Parts

10. Sizzy Rocket

Sabrina Bernstein, also known as Sizzy Rocket, is a fiery enchantress from Las Vegas. She has written songs alongside will.i.am, Yoko Ono and Natasha Bedingfield and for good reason. Sizzy is a sassy 18 year old with a whole lot to offer. She is making a splash in the music world, which isn’t surprising at all, considering her immeasurable singing and piano talent. Sizzy Rocket, like her name, is shooting into outer space where she can claim her rightful position as super star.

Genre: Electronic Pop

Songs to check out: THRILLS, GIRLS and Don’t Trip