• Jessica Pink

Crostinis Three Ways

As the holiday season is quickly creeping up, the festivities begin.

But wait. Stop. Once Fall hits, everybody focuses on Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years. But what happened to everyday in between? Life becomes even more hectic than it already is and you get tired of making food day after day, snack after snack. Granola bars are not going to cut it. You’ve got to eat real food during those days too!

So….let me introduce you to a wonderful multi purpose food that serves as a snack, meal, hors d’oeuvres, or late night treat.

Crostini: A chewy, crunchy, crispy pop of indulgence.

It’s just that simple…a pop of indulgence. In simple terms, a crostini is toasted baguette with toppings of your choice. If its edible, a crostini is it’s home to eat it on.

My favourite are goat cheese crostinis. Goat cheese is a tangy, creamy cheese with protein so it won’t leave you hungry. I can eat one for a quick snack or a couple as a light dinner. Super duper easy but gourmet at the same time.

It gets even better…you can dress them up and serve them to guests! Perfect for the holidays because they are so simple to make. So here we go!

@foodbyjesspink’s top 3 crostini recipes:


  • Toast 1cm thick baguette slices

  • Spread goat cheese on top

  1. HONEY WALNUT ~ complete with sweeter nods giving a mild taste

- goat cheese

- drizzled honey

- toasted walnut pieces

  1. LEMON EVOO ~ awaking to your palette with a hint of zest

- freshly squeezed lemon juice

- best quality extra virgin olive oil

  1. BLISTERED TOMATO ~ a crostini fan favourite

- blistered the tomatoes:

- halve grape or cherry tomatoes

- drizzle with evoo + red wine + balsamic

- sprinkle salt + pepper

- bake at 450º for 15 mins

- broil on high until charred, about 5-7mins

- torn fresh basil

- sea salt

-chile flakes, if desired

If you aren’t already in the kitchen now, get going because the crostinis are truly the best know matter the occasion!