• Simone Sewell

Monthly Mix - November

November is a month of transition, where the remnants of autumn gradually transform into excitement for winter holidays. With it’s unpredictable weather and shifty atmosphere, November can often be full of mixed emotions and confusion. To aid you through this tumultuous time, here are my music suggestions for the month of November.


Everything Now by Arcade Fire (2017) : in this group’s newest album they take a daring new perspective, going for a more strong and communicative tone rather than a soft one as was used in previous albums. With this groovy new take, the group encompasses a spark of rebellion as well as an idea of new beginnings. This album is truly revolutionary and shows the full potential of Arcade Fire.


<|°_°|> (Robot Face) by Caravan Palace (2015) : after making their first full-length debut in 2008, this electro-swing group from Paris, France has continued to develop their style and create music. Their eccentric mix of bass, guitar, violin, vocals, trombone, clarinet, electronics and programming allow for their sound to be truly unique and colorful. This album is guaranteed to lift your spirits and get you in the mood for dancing, or as they say, “a jumping mood”.


Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia Stone (2014) : australian siblings Angus and Julia Stone formed a group together in 2006 and have been producing music together ever since. This particular album offers a melancholic and whimsical tone about love, heartbreak, family, and everything in between. Their music is known for incorporating strong beats and guitar that perfectly accompanies their gruff, beautiful voices.

Hip Hop/Rap

Because the Internet by Childish Gambino (explicit)(2013) : Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover, is known for his work in several performance mediums, whether it be music, stand up, or acting (television and film). This album not only made it to a Top Ten chart placement, but also scored Gambino a gold record and a nomination for Best Rap Album at the 2015 Grammy Awards. It’s discussion of more uncommon and stigmatized topics, such as racial issues and corruptions of medias, juxtaposed with more common ones like love and fame allows for a perfectly composed comment on today’s society.

Musique Francophone

Le Cours des Jours par Dumas (2003) : Le Cours des Jours était le premier album mise en vente par Dumas, après avoir reçu plusieurs attentions aux festivals pendant les années avant. Dumas, un québécois, utilise sa voix douce et belle pour communiquer les sujets de l'amour, de libération et de confusion. Cet album est vraiment une pièce exceptionnelle de Dumas, en montrant sa capacité comme chanteur et écrivain de paroles.


Human Again by Ingrid Michaelson (2012) : since Michaelson is most commonly known for her newer pop music, her older albums are greatly appreciated. Human Again tells a story of self discovery, love, and adventure through Michaelson’s fluid and graceful voice. With her heavy use of piano, violin and clever lyrics, this album is timeless.


Man Machine Poem by The Tragically Hip (2016) : October, 2017, bore witness to a great tragedy in the Canadian music world, lead singer Gord Downie, of The Tragically Hip, passed away of cancer. In their thirteenth and final album, Man Machine Poem, the group concerned themselves with basic aspects of human life and communicated these through their songs. Downie and the band as a whole will be remembered for many years to come for their incredible influence and charitable work, world wide.


Back to Black by Amy Winehouse (explicit)(2006) : in one of her most well known albums, singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse truly impresses us with her so called rugged charm. This album is sung in her renowned mournful, powerful voice and shines a light on heartbreak and loss, friends come and gone. After her tragic passing in July, 2011, Winehouse continues to live on through her music and reputation.


Carry the Ghost by Noah Gundersen (2015) : Gunderson’s soft and melodic voice carries his lyrics to a new dimension, allowing this album to take flight. Being his most intimate and personal album, Carry the Ghost discusses the issue of losing someone you love, having conflicting emotional states, being a struggling artist and so much more. Its mournful yet beautiful tone will send shivers down your spine and cause you to feel new emotions.