• Ellen Petrie

The Hidden Treasures of Halifax

Has it ever struck you how beautiful and amazing the city of Halifax really is? Walking

down the street, admiring the colourful leaves floating to the ground, and the warm breeze on my

skin; I realized what a beautiful sensation it was. There are so many superb places hidden in the

city and its surroundings. Not necessarily tourist sites, or historically important artifacts and

buildings; although, Halifax has a lot of those too. I’m talking about the places where you go

because you found out about them from a friend of a friend, the places that Haligonians go. The

places that produce thrills or create a sense of absolute calm. Even as I describe these places I’m

sure you can imagine at least one! Therefore, I’m going to attempt to unlock some of the

secrets of the city of Halifax.

The first on my list is the Dingle park. This may seem like an obvious

destination because of it’s historical significance, and of how busy it is during the day. However, I mean the Dingle park at night. Once you or even one of your friends has been able to get their

full licence, the ultimate destination for a late-night drive is the Dingle. It has a playground

that is perfect for sitting around and just laughing and talking with your friends. It also has a

magical view across the arm with the lights from houses and streets bouncing and sparkling

across the water.

Additionally, if you are looking for a rush of adrenaline there is the ‘Dark

Dingle challenge’. The name is fairly self explanatory, however the gist of it is this; the Dingle does not close its doors until 10:30pm, and as the days get shorter the sun goes down long before then. Therefore, what you need to do is try and run to the top of the tower and all the way back down. Sounds pretty easy right? It is not however because there is only a light at the top of the

tower meaning that you have to run the entire way up in the pitch black. Also for those who

have never been to the Dingle, there are five flights of stairs between the bottom and the top

floor. So not only can you not see anything (or anyone) that might be in the tower too, you are

very out of breath about half way up. If that is not scary enough for you there are also rumours of the Dingle tower being haunted. The ‘dark Dingle challenge’ is not for the faint of heart. If it’s not your thing, you can still just hang out on the surprisingly fun playground that I mentioned earlier.

Some good information about this destination to have is as follows. To get there you take

the Herring Cove exit from the Armdale Rotary and then make a left onto Purcell’s Cove road, and its entrance is the fifth road on the left. You then need to take another left down a small road

until you reach your destination. Also, the Tower is only open spring summer and fall, meaning if you want take part in the challenge you cannot do so during the wintertime.

This is destination number one on The Hidden Treasures of Halifax list. Remember to

read again next month to get your next fun and exciting destination. Or if you can think of a

super cool place, don't be afraid to contact me and share the joy that you have found!

Please email any Hidden Treasures of Halifax suggestions to chstrollopetimes@gmail.com