• Simone Sewell

Monthly Mix- December

December, the first month of winter. When the clocks set back and we begin growing accustomed to 5pm sunsets, December can start to feel rather hopeless and dismal. That being said, we always have music to keep us inspired during these stressful days. Hopefully these albums will help to warm your frozen hearts during what is often considered to be the darkest and coldest month.


Trouble Will Find Me by The National (explicit)(2013) : this album put together in such a way that you feel transported to another land; it tells a bittersweet story of love and heartbreak, and the trouble of facing one’s inner demons. Lead singer Matt Berninger’s voice carries us through this new land, accompanied by a wonderful array of instruments and compositions that all add to this album’s lovely sound.


Couch Baby (Revisited) by Jamie Isaac (explicit)(2017) : Jamie Isaac’s newest album is truly unlike anything else. This new sound encompasses so many different musical components, it practically envelops the listener in it’s melody. On top of it’s extraordinary musicality, Jamie Isaac’s lyrics really bring it to the next level by creating greater tones and atmospheres, touching on on some softer themes of human conditions.


The Boy Who Cried Wolf by Passenger (2017) : in Passenger’s newest album the group takes on a more mournful tone in order to resurface all those wonderful emotions we have within us. With songs concerning loss, the passage of time, heartbreak and love, this album really delves right into the good stuff. This album is perfect to listen to on those cold days where you just want to curl up, all cozy, and listen to something a little more thought provoking, yet still relaxed.

Hip Hop/Rap

TMRW - EP by Luke Christopher (explicit)(2015) : Luke Christopher, an american “up and comer” in the hip hop industry started his solo career after working behind the scenes with Usher and John Legend. Although he does have a new 2017 album out (TMRWFRVR) we’re bringing it back to his previous, 2015, album where the artist truly expresses himself.


Body and Shadow by Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band (2017) : this smooth jazz album creates a beautiful new sound. It’s melodic and fluid rhythm creates a beautiful atmosphere that is perfect for winter days. Personally, this is my go to study album because of how peaceful it makes me feel, but it’s uses are endless!

Musique Francophone

Ornithologie, la nuit par Philippe B (2014) : avec de belles mélodies et la voix calment de Philippe, cet album nous transportent à un nouveau monde ou c'est toujours nuit. Les paroles décrivent une histoire, accompagnée par plusieurs instruments qui aident seulement à nous envelopper dans le rythme.


Let It Die by Feist (2004) : sometimes it can be important to let yourself feel the coldness of winter and to embrace it with open arms. This heart wrenching album by Feist is the perfect one for such a scenario, with beautifully crafted melodies and lyrics that are only lifted higher by singer/songwriter Leslie Feist’s wonderful voice. Guaranteed to give you chills.


All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone by Explosions In the Sky (2007) : although this band is most well known for their earth-shattering live performances, their recordings match such shows in both energy and spectacularity. They have developed a name for themselves and a truly distinct style, this album being no exception to the case. Prepare to see fireworks with this album by Explosions In the Sky.


Galactica by QUIÑ (2016) : this album is beautifully composed, with lyrics that spark questions and new thoughts and stunningly satisfying beats that will just make you want to move. Bianca Leonor Quinones’ lucid voice creates a dream-like atmosphere for whoever dares to become entranced by her wonderful music.


Chaos and the Calm by James Bay (2015) : once again, we have a more emotion based album for this month, simply because it tends to be a time of solitude. James Bay’s Chaos and the Calm has a refreshing balance of heartbreak, new sparks and everything in between that allows our hearts to feel along the entire love-sick spectrum. All in all this album combines Bay’s spectacular voice with beautiful instrumentals in order to create an all around amazing album.