• Catherine Brenan

Christmas Gifts for the Lazy Shopper

As the beginning of December approaches, the holidays draw near. For most people the holidays are a time to connect with your loved ones and keep warm next to the cozy fire. For others, including myself, the holidays are a time of mayhem, travelling to see family for uncomfortable and dramatic dinners, but worst of all the holidays are a time of gift giving. In December consumerism is at its peak forcing people to buy meaningless objects to demonstrate their love for friends and family. In this article we will explore the terrible situations found in gift giving as well as some helpful tips for the lazy gift giver.

In my opinion gift-giving is very complex, each gift must be meticulously bough

t to fit the person. In addition, there is a constant pressure to get the perfect gift and most importantly top the gift from last year. Through the years, I have experienced many situations where my gift giving was horrendous, including the time when I had given two terrible gifts to my parents. In my household we would always have an early Christmas before we traveled to see family and that night I had forgotten to buy a gift. I locked myself in my room and decorated paper with ornaments, glitter and paint. I had made two ugly christmas cards while my parents had bought me an elegant scarf and pants. There was a deep humiliation that I felt through this experience and I have established myself as a lazy gift giver.

If you are a lazy gift giver then here are some strategies for you. Firstly, local products are always a preferred alternative to typical gifts, since these products help local stores, allowing more money that stays within your community. Local products also reduces your carbon footprint because packages do not travel long distances, improving air quality and reducing pollution. Some local products in Halifax may be found at the Seaport Farmers Market, where they have a variety of handmade scarfs, hats, candles and foods. In addition there is a chocolatiers store in Antigonish called Peace by Chocolate. The store offers a variety of chocolate boxes that can be ordered online for shipping to Halifax. The store is owned by a Syrian refugee family who fled to Lebanon after their Chocolate Factory had been bombed. The family was invited into Canada and rebuilt their company in Antigonish. These chocolates are a definite crowd pleaser for any age.

If you are seeking a gift for the older crowd, the theatre and concerts are always a good option. There are performances occurring all over Halifax including Dicken’s a Christmas Carol at the Neptune Theatre. Also buying tickets to the local Nutcracker is a performance enjoyed by all ages and is a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Finally for the people who have everything, donations in their name can be a nice gesture. Such gifts demonstrate the true meaning of the holidays to be caring and give to those who need it the most.

I hope this article helps the terrible gift givers and allows them realize that the holidays are not meant for consumerism or the constant pressure of giving the perfect gift, but rather to to connect with loved ones and help others around you.