• Patrick Fraser

Citpuck Stars Shine Bright at All Star Game

The MHSHL All Star game was held midway through the season and a number of Citpuck studs competed on behalf of their team. Players from the Phoenix included Andrew “Drysy” Drysdale, Samuel Legere, Tony Hall, Erik Monroe, and Lea Brickman. To cap it all off, Drysdale was named the team’s MVP after the game. “Yeah, it gets pretty boring being the best out there night after night,” the journeyman defenceman boasted after receiving the award, “there really is no competition in this league.” Fellow Citpuck teammate and defenceman Ryan Simpson was critical of Drysy’s selection to the All Star team, saying: “he just gets really cocky now, he’s not even good at hockey.” However it should be stated that Simpson was not selected to the team, some believing that his repeated, controversial off-ice antics are the reason why.

Many were surprised, in fact some were even outraged, that Citadel goaltender Jacob Beaton was not on the All Star team. “Beaton is the heart and soul of the team, a real ‘glue guy’ in the dressing room.” Said Jacob Abbott, a player on the team. When asked about Beaton's skill, Abbott declined to add comment, saying that it was “not his place”. Anonymous fans have said on previous occasions that Beaton’s goaltending style is “unorthodox” and is routinely mocked by the fan base when a goal is allowed or if there is a loss. Ethan Lafond, a forward on the team who is known for his aversion and hostility towards the net minder, has lashed out at Beaton many times, calling him a “weak link”, “choke artist”, and saying that he is “cantankerous at the best of times” in the locker room.

The All Star game marked a temporary pause in the season for the bibulous Citadel hockey team. But with the trade deadline looming, they have expressed interest in unloading some “deadweight” from the team, said assistant coach Mr. Connors, “we’re always looking to improve, and we will do whatever it takes to win this year.”

Only time will tell if Citpuck will be able to overcome its internal divisions and go all the way to the championship this year.

*Disclaimer: No egos were hurt in the making of this article.*