• Ziyad Sarhan

If you are into seafood, then take your jet to Sushi Jet right away! “Affordable and Delicious, wha

Sushi Jet is one of my personal favourite sushi places and is a staple visit for my whole family. It’s best known for the “All you can eat” menu. It costs around $16-$19 for ALL YOU CAN EAT. The sushi tastes great as the fish is always fresh and they never serve anything more than a day old.

An all time favourite for my family and I would be the spicy salmon and the dynamite. Dynamite sushi just EXPLODES with flavour in your palate. The spicy salmon has a smooth, moist, buttery texture. The kitchen food like fried shrimp and the pad thai taste delicious! Tempura shrimp is a well known dish as it is light, tasty and filling. The light crispy tempura on the outside flows well with the buttery shrimp in the interior. The kitchen food usually takes a little longer than the sushi does, but the sushi is there to not keep you bored. The drinks cost a dollar extra which I do not like, it would be better if it was included in the costs for the all you can eat. There is ice cream involved in the menu too, there is always different flavours. One of my favourite ones would have to be the blueberry cheesecake ice cream, it just MELTS in your mouth. The atmosphere there is great. It is quiet with some nice pop music. Hmmm, relaxing. They have great east asian inspired decorations that light up the dining area. The sushi bar is in front of the tables, so you can see all the fresh ingredient being prepared to JET to your mouth. The service is great and everyone is very happy there. Always happy to serve you and never say no to anything I ask for or are rude in anyway. I would definitely recommend going there for the all you can eat menu as it is as cheap as it will get there. Great restaurant to go to with friends and family as well. Affordable and Delicious, what more can you ask for?