• Ziyad Sarhan

The Peanut Butter Burger is Old but Gold!!

“They keep racking up the awards and the food keeps coming to us.”

Darrell’s is my all time favorite burger place. The burgers, served next to a an ice cold milkshake is just the perfect meal. It costs around $13-$15 for the burger. However, in burger week, the award winning burger is available for $6. The burger tastes absolutely amazing and you can definitely see why it’s an award winner. The peanut butter burger is known as a classic. It's the first burger people go to during burger week. The combination between the peanut butter and hot juicy burger is too good not to eat. The lettuce and tomatoes keep the sandwich crunchy and fresh. They even cover it with real cheese that’s sliced in their kitchen. People would usually order a milkshake with that as their milkshakes are also incredibly delicious. The Oreo milkshake has to be my favorite. It’s the perfect combo with the peanut butter burger. The atmosphere in the restaurant feels like something big is happening as it's so busy. People are just happy and everyone is laughing; it makes you feel happy. I really love the service, the waiters are happy and nice to everyone. They even have their own chant to make themselves not feel tired or bored. The place just always feels exciting. Darrell’s must be a classic burger week visit for everyone. Overall, great food with great atmosphere. It might be the same every year, but they keep racking up the awards and the food keeps coming to us.