• Patrick Fraser

Citadel Travels to Cape Breton, Sydney Smack Down Ensues

CAPE BRETON - The Trollope Times has been following the Citadel football team, widely seen as the provincial powerhouse, since training camp. Despite massive cuts from the team in August, the core has remained intact since the most recent championship win. Tryouts began in mid August, with all three grades showing up in hopes of making the football team. A jamboree was supposed to have been held on August 30th, but no other teams wanted to play Citadel, and as a result it was cancelled altogether.

To kick off the 2018 campaign, the team bused up to Sydney High School to play their team. The bus, a double-decker monstrosity, was filled to the brim with sweaty players, rambunctious troublemakers, and annoyed coaches. It departed at 9:00 am on Saturday in preparation for the game at 5:00 pm. Many players on the Phoenix questioned why it was scheduled so late in the day, leaving them unable to make it to the parties on Saturday night due to the bus’ late arrival back in Halifax.

Last year, Citadel crushed the Cape Bretoners 49-0 in a game that some analysts have since called “massacre”. This year was no different. From the get-go, the game was firmly in the Phoenix’s hands. Brandon Thomson lead the way with a pick six and Niall Moan (who in the off season is a cleaner at the Waegwoltic Club) had two touchdowns in the victory.

Superstar kicker and prominent chef Ben Hadley went 4/4 on field goals, a recovery for 41 yards, and a touchdown. “I think it was pretty clearly a blowout,” player Owen Kavanagh said, “I was feeling confident,” he added. Hadley told the Times that he was “amped up” before the game. When asked about the championship, the kitchen crew replied that they had “a shot”, citing John A. and Auburn as main contenders for the throne.

Only time will tell if the bibulous football team can put together a season for the ages as they pursue the illusive five-peat. The team’s home opener is on Sunday, September 16th, at Burnside.