• Eliza Fraser

Smash-up at the Civic

Last weekend, one of the most highly anticipated school events came and went, destroying everything in its path. That's right folks, CitPuck’s Home Opener (held at the iconic Civic Arena) attracted countless students. Local Spirit Executive Anna McIntosh was seen, dodging any and all questions fired at her from her peers related to “Chooch Authorities” and “that security guard” from the football home opener who stole vapes.

Let us set the scene; a cluster of cold benches, hockey-hungry students sported hoodies, school tattoos and beads, feening for a great night, and parents/guardians cringing. This recipe could only create a beautiful experience for all involved. Opinions on how the night went varied, Vice Principal Mr. MacDougall described the night as ‘extremely disappointing’, Theo Grant, a well known Ivy League intellectual at Citadel, loudly described it as an “acceptable night with the boys”.

The crowd had a lot of energy and potential. The current head of the Trollope Times, Patrick Fraser, sat biting his nails in the back of the arena, nervously mumbling to himself about how “JoMo will not be pleased” and how “skipping leg day is catching up to me.” Students were rowdy to say the least, chanting, throwing empty bottles and eventually, standing on barriers, and even vandalizing the arena.

On Tuesday, there was an assembly for all who attended the hockey game, where principal Morrison denounced the student body as a "school of alcoholics." Concerned for the health of the young livers roaming the halls of Citadel, the potential charges that could find students and the amounts of so-called “White Champion Hoodie Bathroom Vapers”, the staff of Citadel and a police officer or two made the consequences quite clear for the student body. Assistant Captain, Andrew Drysdale, had his fists clenched in a creatine-induced rage when he heard that his Senior Season may be cut short due to the actions of his peers. Thomas Duck, the junior Tech Executive, was questioned about this controversial subject. Duck denied any knowledge surrounding the events of that entire week, despite only being asked about one night and being photographed on the evening, quickly hurrying off to his entrepreneurship 12 class. 

Luckily the Cit Puck Season will be continuing.Stay tuned to the Trollope Times for more updates on this ever controversial hockey team.