• Patrick Fraser

Sir John A. Flames Extinguished by Citadel Phoenix

On Sunday, November 11th, the football Semi-Finals were held between Citadel and Sir John A. These teams were widely seen as two of the best in the Province, with their previous game ending in nail-biting fashion, with Citadel ultimately winning 15-12. Citadel had had the week off, due to their buy-in owing to them having the best regular season record in the league.

A large crowd formed at the game, held at SMU field. However, the students at this game, much to the chagrin of Principal JoMo, were all sober and respectful, and were actually chastised for not being rowdy enough, with one teacher from Citadel accusing them of not being actual students from the school. The crowd was also made up of football regulars and Citadel alumni alike, with the likes of Noah Laing (brother of Citadel player Fischer Laing), Bouza, and others in attendance.

The game itself started off in Sir John A's favour. They were able to squeeze two field goals passed the rock-solid Phoenix defence. However, Citadel then flipped the tables in dramatic fashion, scoring 36 unanswered points to win the game. There were strong performances from

kicker "Trap Money Benny" Ben Hadley, the quarterback, Allan Young, threw a great game, Ethan Steenbeek put his Fitness FX training to good use by running an amazing game, while Ewan MacKeen, Jacob Yazbek, and George Flinn all played a great physical game, with too many tackles to count.

The Times went one-on-one after the game with Clarkite and dog-lover Ewan MacKeen. When asked how the team responded after being down 6-0, MacKeen said "I knew we weren't playing our best and we came out pretty flat, but I knew if our receivers stopped dropping balls and our defence stopped missing tackles we'd be good." When the topic of the Championship came up, he said that "we [Citadel] definitely have a chance at the five-peat, but whichever team we play will be hungry to beat us, but if we come out and play our game, we've definitely got a shot [at winning the Championship]."

When asked about how his team played, Theo Grant simply replied "good", and walked off, snubbing the Times by refusing to give an interview, with brothers Tommy and Ollie forcefully ushering The Times reporters away.

The Championship game will be held on Sunday, November 18th, at 1:00 pm at SMU field.