• Owen Kavanagh

What Was Worse, CPA’s Choke, or Citadel’s Everything?

If you happened to hear the score of Wednesday’s game you might be confused at my title, though Citadel did pull out the win, it might have been the ugliest win I’ve seen in awhile.

I walked into Wednesday’s game with six minutes left in the first. The first two possessions I witnessed went as followed:

Sam Gillette smashes the ball off the front rim on a 3 point attempt, followed by Frenetts of CPA hitting a beautiful turn around jumper right in Theo Grant‘s eye, the definition of in your eye. Following those two possessions came numerous acrobatic layups by the opposing CPA team. No one could seem to guard the Shaq-like Frenetts, as he stood towering over the 6’3 monster that is Theo grant and the 6’2 stud Spencer Noel.

Though it wasn’t just size that this big man had, he seemed to have the agility of a whitetail deer. Grant did do his fair share of talking, but he still had no answers for the big man in the first half; Frenetts had 18 points and a handful of boards at the end of the 2nd.

Citadel went into the locker room at half down 35-23. Though the game was not even close to being out of Citadel’s reach, there was one thing they needed to do if they were going to have any chance of winning this basketball game. That was shutting down Frenetts, then hope the team crumbles without him.

The beginning of the second half had a different feel then the first. It opened up with a nice 3 by Noel, and as he ran down the court he drew an imaginary arrow off his back and shot it right into the crowd. Following that possession Alp of CPA hits a contested three and then turns around and copies the exact same celebration that Legolas-wannabe Noel had pulled off just moments before. Nothing seemed to have changed as the CPA team seemed to be seeing the Tim a lot. Staying consistent with the first half, Frenetts continued to dominate as he had a volleyball-like block and then ran down the court and hit an acrobatic layup with multiple maroon jerseys surrounding him.

Citadel dragged into the forth barely holding on as they were down 54-42 at the buzzer. Something needed to click in this fourth quarter, all Citadel needed was a game changer. Surprisingly enough and to everyone’s shock, that game changer’s name was Theodore Grant. Grant finally accomplish his goal by completely getting into the head of the big man Frenetts, while also scoring 6 points in the quarter.

Citadel started the 4th with a 6-0 run before Harris (CPA’s head coach) was forced to use a timeout. Coming out of the timeout, Citadel captain Jaxon Smith delivered a beautiful soft touch-pass to Grant which put Citadel within 6, that was followed by another quick basket by heartthrob Reece Zarogolle, preceded by Frenetts scoring 2 of his 4 points in the quarter with a open mid-range jumper. Then a dagger of a 3 pointer by Zarogolle which was immediately followed by Abraham of CPA working a hard cross over on a celebrating Reece and almost forcing him to hit the ground.

A pair of turnovers and an exchange of buckets left the score at 61-60 for Citadel with a little more than 4 minutes left in the game. Frenetts turned the ball over resulting in an open layup. A clutch steal followed by a pair of clutch free throw buckets by Zarogolle. Now 67-62 Citadel with 1:19 left in the game. Abraham puts up a deep desperation 3, which smashes off the front rim, CPA was then forced to foul. John “Jack” Gordon Suitor hit the two shots from the charity strip. The low scoring nail biter ended with a final score of 69-64 win for Citadel.

I interviewed Grant after the game.

“I was in 7’s [Frenetts] head all game. He’s probably the second best big man in the league, next to yours truly.” He said, with a sly smile as he almost slipped in a pool of water the CPA team had left.



Smith: 17pts

Zarogolle: 14pts

Noel: 11pts

Grant: 12pts

Suitor: 9pts


Frenetts: 27pts

Abraham: 10pts

Alp: 14pts