• Maddie Maitzen

Coffee House: Student Profiles

Recently at Citadel High, many students performed in the coffee house on the Spatz Stage. Citadel’s arts community has once again proven itself to be filled with talent, creativity, and originality. Performances included soloists, duets and full piece bands; some acts including performers from other high schools such as Halifax West and Charles P. Allen. This event at citadel is always one of the most memorable and valuable for students. A few students were asked why these coffee houses are important to them.

“Citadel's coffee houses have always meant a lot to me, because they have such an amazing way of bringing people together”, says one of Citadel’s most talented musicians and grade 12 IB student, Dylan Hay. “When I first started at Citadel, the coffee houses gave me a platform to perform that I might not otherwise have gotten, and made me really feel like part of the music community we have here.” Dylan has participated in many bands and ensembles around Halifax for years and plays a multitude of instruments as well as singing. Dylan continued to say, “I think that we have such a wealth of talented artists and musicians at Citadel, and the way the coffee houses give these people the opportunity to share their passion and connect with one another, I think, is very special.”

Joe Hubley is a grade 10 student and an extraordinary singer/songwriter at Citadel High who performed in the most recent coffee house. When Joe was asked about the importance of the

coffee houses, he told me that, “My biggest beef with Halifax is that when you’re an underage performer (of any kind) there are very limited applicable venues that are available to play at. That’s why I think the coffee houses are crucial to not only the arts program, but anybody in the school looking for a place to express themself. So, I fully support them and I’m very thankful to everyone who puts it together.” When Joe was asked what his impression of Citadel’s arts community has been so far, he commented that, “everyone has been super great to be around. I’m very pleased to be involved in such a great community!”

Citadel High takes pride in our widely recognized and well-developed arts department. One coffee house performer, Emma Goulden, transferred to Citadel this year in the middle of her first semester of grade 11. When asked why, she responded: “The arts were the only reason I switched. Everyone who saw the musical last year mutually agreed that Citadel has the best arts program around. As somebody who would like to pursue performing in the future, I wanted access to as much arts-based educational programs as possible. Since last year I wasn’t able to do my school musical and my school didn’t offer drama 12, I was very disappointed, so I switched to Citadel.” When asked what makes Citadel’s arts department so special, she said: “Citadel has such great opportunities for upcoming performers, such as: working with professionals in the industry like David Light and Becca Guilderson [directors of this years musical]. This being said, students have access to incredibly valuable information and training, virtually for free.”

Citadel’s coffee houses succeed in bringing together talent and students from all backgrounds. They are inclusive and welcome students from all three grade levels. These students, along with many others, will be participating in Citadel’s upcoming production of Jesus Christ Superstar this April. Citadel’s renowned reputation will live on through all the planned events this year, including many more coffee houses.