• Aida Zarghami, Iris Jade, Maya Aiken

STEM Related Jobs and How Women Should Join the Ranks

STEM: the “S” stands for science, “T” for technology, “E” for engineering and most importantly, the “M” for mathematics. It’s not “M” for men. This preconceived notion that men are the only ones allowed or smart enough to obtain jobs in these fields is outdated and unacceptable.

However, did you know that only 22% of people in these fields are women? How can we battle this stereotype when we are not actively fighting against this problem? This is where you enter the battle. You are an empowered young woman that does not have to follow what gender constraints that society, culture and tradition impose upon you. If you are ever feeling discouraged, don’t. You, as well as others do not have the luxury to keep feeling down in the dumps when possibilities are going to those who deny you are right within your grasp.

But you have to make the first move. And when you make that first move, not only will you feel as if a thousand suns are lighting your way but you will also find similarly-minded, determined women who will brave this path with you and forge a bond stronger than a dense core of a neutron star. So if you ever feel that you cannot be a part of STEM, just remember: if no one will believes in you, I will believe in you, and you should too. Because we are both women that will blossom with our STEM.

Let’s fight with this meaningless cultural bias and discrimination by showing that we can be the best in whatever job we want. And remember: never be afraid of what you like to do in life because nothing can confront you and your goals. Show the world that you are capable of great things and that you won’t be discouraged by anything in your path.