• Patrick Fraser

Citadel Rocks the Radstorm

On Friday, May 17th, three Citadel music groups played at the Radstorm, a not-for-profit concert venue on Gottingen. The Radstorm, a trendy, crowded spot saw all social groups of the school come out in support: teachers, grade tens, elevens, and twelves, and some IB students who had finished high school earlier that day. In fact, students from schools all across the HRCE showed up to watch the performance.

The first act to play was Dylan Hay, on guitar and vocals, and Sophie Baur, who are both fixtures at Citadel coffee houses and musicals. They began at just after seven o’clock and played for half an hour, including songs such as Landslide, and even an original composition from Dylan, that drew great applause at the end of the song.

After the supremely talented duo came another Citadel band, Meat Substitute, comprised of guitarist Murray “45 Points” Smith, bassist Gertie Matheson, and drummer Edie Ford. They played their own original songs, with vocals from all three of them during the performance. Perhaps the highlight of their performance, and some would say of the entire evening, was when Smith ripped off his shirt and continued to play guitar. Meat Substitute played a hard-rocking show that succeeded in getting the energy levels in the room to skyrocket, preparing the audience for the headliner and final act of the night, Retroverse.

Although Retroverse performed under the name "Joey Hubley & the Nephews" at Acts4AIDS (which they won), it was the same lineup. Joe Hubley played electric guitar and vocals, along with Evan West, with Co-President Elect Ivan Andreou on bass and vocals, Katie Hutton on vocals and piano, and multi-instrumentalist Nick Leblanc on drums for the evening. Hubley, known in part for his stage presence and theatrics, did not disappoint, bringing both immense energy and a bible to the stage. He also incorporated the fans into the performance, engaging the audience, which this Trollope Times writer greatly appreciated. The band performed the single “Tired Eyes”, in addition to a four or five other songs that were all written by them.

After the show, which lasted for about forty-five minute, I caught up with the frontman for an interview.

The Times: How long have you been touring with your band for?

Hubley: Well we formed early February 2019, and since then we’ve been getting gigs all across Nova Scotia more and more frequently. It’s been super exciting and we’re definitely looking forward to more shows.

The Times: You played quite a few songs, did you write all of them?

Hubley: Yes! We write originals together quite frequently. We focus on expanding our catalogue as much as we can.

The Times: Your songs incorporated various styles of music. Who would you say your biggest musical influences are?

Hubley: For me personally, some artists/bands that have had an impact on me range from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Tragically Hip, Billy Talent, and BB King. But the list definitely does not end there. I listen to and study an extremely wide variety of genres and try to absorb as much as I can.

When asked when new music can be expected, he replied with a wink “sooner than you think.” Joe Hubley’s single “Tired Eyes” is available to listen to on Spotify.