• Maxie Grant

The Return of the Times

With the commence of a new school year, there comes first day jitters, back to school clothing bills, mental breakdowns, fresh grade 10 faces, foot races to the caf in time to get a seat, and so, so much more. As a result of all of these distractions, people seem to lose sight of the most exciting part of a new school year… New editions of Citadels very own Trollope Times!

Not only is the Times ready for a new year, but we are eager. That is not to say it won’t be a challenge. We were nervous. With the graduation of superstar editor and chief Patrick Fraser leaving a gaping hole in our cadre, the times took to the annual ‘Clubs and Committees' fair to recruit fresh meat. Battling through the adversity of the deafeningly loud Lacrosse table situated next to us - lead by the megaphone herself, Anne Christie- the Times was at a loss for ways to stand out. That is, until we had a brilliant idea. Bribery.

Armed to the gills with Maynards gummies, and a bag of Double Bubble, we hoped for sign ups. As students started flowing into the gym, we put the rules in place. One sign up equals one candy. And it worked! We received our first sign up. It was the karaoke legend, the one and only Elliot Davis. Overjoyed, we did not know what to do with ourselves except hope for more.

More we received. With household names such as Isabelle Drohan and Nathan Govindsamy signing up, the Times staff had a dangerous thought. Could we possibly, just maybe, survive the year without our seasoned leader, Mr. Fraser? Could we continue to provide Citadel students with the finest of journalism?

It was later into the fair, as the gym was clearing, that we realized that not only can we continue to keep this paper running, but we can improve it. We will improve it. Stay tuned to see what is to come.