• Anne Christie and Ella Albers

Road to Regionals

Everyone is so caught up on varsity sports, they often miss out on the joys of junior varsity athletics. Citadels very own JV girls soccer team being no exception. They started their season just weeks ago, with a grueling two part tryout resulting in zero (0) cuts. When asked, City soccer club dropout Victoria Frauzel stated "this year’s team is a very strong group, with the exception of Citadel lacrosse benchwarmer Anne Christie”.

With the 2019 squad formed, the girls faced off against Halifax Grammar School. Citadels new tenner recruits were hungry for a win, but sadly they took their first L of the season. This was soon followed by two more crushing defeats at the hands of Charles P.Allen High and Sackville High School. Even the teams biggest fan/chauffeur Mr. Greg Albers was starting to give up hope. Nonetheless, the girls were determined, continuing to improve with practice, despite the distraction of the ever present (and handsome) 5peat football team.

Finally, one fateful Thursday afternoon against Halifax West, the girls managed to hold on, capturing their first win. This game was one for the books, an action packed feat of athleticism and skill. One which rivalled even that of the most professional, our own Halifax Wanderers included. This was of course with the exception of rookie and self proclaimed heartthrob Avery Cuvelier who, after missing her penalty shot in the second half, broke the hearts of their entire 10 person crowd. With one win under their belts, the team headed to Sommet, where they took yet another 2 games. Excitements were high and rumours were swirling about the “coincidental” connection between the teams 3 game winning streak and the mysterious ankle injury of star right wing Ella Albers. Could her absence be the new strength of Citadel girls JV soccer?

Despite their mismatching jerseys and the ongoing hoodie debacle, the Citadel Phoenix head into their fiercely competitive regionals (along with all other teams in the league), feeling stronger than ever, with only the smallest sense of sadness as they see senior Philly Reid’s high school soccer career come to a close. The Trollope times asked Philly for a comment, she declined, but it was clear that under her stone cold expression, she too was sad. Will the team succeed in fulfilling ex Phoenix star and coach Mackenzie Ross’ dream to relive her high school glory days, or will they break under the pressure?