• A.Christie and M.Grant

A Home Opener to Remember

It was an action packed Thursday evening in the Citadel High School gym. Starting with a heartbreaking season ender for the JV Women's Volleyball team, after a hard fought game, straight into the Varsity Men's Basketball home opener.

Sackville High started out confident, encouraged by the countless missed dunks throughout the Phoenix’s warm up. Little did they know what was to come. Citadel lead strong, putting up the first two points of the game. They kept it going. Up by twenty after the first quarter, the Phoenix were confident, but never cocky. Athletic director supreme Ami Nixon made multiple comments about the team spirit demonstrated on the bench, as well as how refreshing it was to see some new faces on this year's squad. However, she was loudly interrupted by the sound of a particularly excited bench. 6’7 Grade 11 rookie Chan Tantiwong had stolen the ball, running the court for a breakaway. Tensions were high, as the audience waited to see what would happen. You could faintly hear a distant screech. ‘Dunk!’ it sang. And did he ever. As his hands slammed down on the rim, the ball went through the mesh with it. The crowd erupted. Ami Nixon sat in disbelief. ‘Did you see that?’ she asked, stunned. Times meeting attendee Sheida Mousavi replied with enthusiasm ‘ I think we all did Ms!’. Although the crowd found it hard to move past the amazing dunk, the game continued to move forward, and the Phoenix continued to dominate. At the end of the fourth, the boys tasted the sweet nectar of victory, with a score of 103-52. The Times asked reigning rookie of the year Cherokee Robinson for commentary after the game, and his only reply was ‘It was good, Did you see Chan's dunk though?’.

Yes Cherokee. Yes we did.