• Aidan J.

Mascot Showdown Hype has Swept Over Citadel

Let’s face it, Citadel is a school that is chronically lacking in school spirit. Aside from the home opener, the JV Girls Soccer games, and our weak yet spirited attempt at doing superlatives when you pass hundreds of people you don’t know on a trip between classes, our mascot may be the Citadel’s last chance at achieving actual school unity.

Luckily, November is the month of the mascot showdown, and the Times has been granted an interview by this iconic bird. Hopefully it gets you hyped, or at least helps you pass the time on the (long) way to Auburn High. Take it from us, this is one phoenix that will not be underestimated.

The following is an amalgamation of conversations with Citadel’s mascot that has been edited to provide clarity and context.

Times: This Thursday is a big day for you, what’s going through your head?

Phoenix: I’m feeling pretty confident with the routine, though I’m a little worried since I’m sick. Hopefully the event will go well and everyone is going to pull through.

Times: So, what even is the mascot showdown, what can I expect if I go, is it just competitive dancing?

Phoenix: It’s a big event where all the schools in the HRM compete. Pretty much competitive dancing.

Times: What have you been doing to prepare for the event?

Phoenix: I’ve been practicing every day for about two weeks now. We have the routine pretty much done, but being the mascot is a big responsibility and I don’t want to let the school or my teammates down. I’m really hoping to make Citadel proud.

Times: What do you think will differentiate you from the other mascots?

Phoenix: Nothing, the other schools can do backflips, so I’m not bringing anything special.

Times: Under those circumstances, what keeps you motivated?

Phoenix: The winner of the showdown gets some body work done, and I could really use that. I’ve been in rough shape for a while now; sometimes it's hard to tell that I’m even a phoenix.

Times: Sounds good, when can I see you perform?

Phoenix: Thursday, November 21st, 6:00 pm at Auburn High School in Dartmouth.

Tickets were $10, and resale may be available.

After this riveting dialogue, we are urgent to see what is to come at the mascot showdown. Aren't you?