• Julia D. and Isabelle F.S.

The West Warriors Have Fallen

After the devastating defeat at the Mascot Showdown (so bad we couldn't bring ourselves to report on it) Citadel was ready for some excitement. No, not the football finals. The girls basketball season! Yes, the game may have been a week ago, but we are Citadels only news source so please put up with it. (with love, staff of The Times)

The home opener was in high gear. The Phoenix were hungry for a win against the ambiguous Halifax West Warriors. The crowd was full of parents (and very few student spectators) but they were pumped. Early in warm up it became apparent that the Phoenix were the superior team. Not only did we outnumber in players and looks, but in skill. The starting line hit the floor with returning rookie of the year Erica Nicholson and BNS superstar (and Trollope Times editor extraordinaire) Maxie Grant. Next came the two esteemed seniors Brinly Holt and Jayleigh Bryan. Last but not least, always a fan favourite BballBridge (Bridgid Gallagher). With Citadel obtaining possession out of the jump, Bballbridge did not disappoint, scoring the first basket of the game. It only went up from there.

The girls full court pressed right out of the gate, and it sure worked. The West girls were flustered with fear. The first rookie appearance occured from Mercy Ologu, taking off Jayleigh. This rookie proved herself early on, scoring a beautiful basket seconds after hitting the floor. Citadel played excellent offence, yet lacked certain defensive skills, getting into bonus with 5 minutes left in the first quarter. Will their inability to control fouls cost them the game? The team subs made sure to always have fresh legs out on the floor.

The first quarter ended and Citadel was up 26-16. The second quarter started and Citadel is still fouling, yet demonstrating more control. In the end The Phoenix took the win 77-54. What a lovely way to spend an evening! This should be an excellent season of more thrilling games like this, with a talented 2019-2020 Phoenix squad!