• Gilad Maianski

Two Victorious Spirit Games for Citadel Basketball Teams

Congratulations are in order to the Citadel Varsity Girls, and Boys basketball teams. As a result of the jam packed bleachers in the recreational centre gymnasium, the Times were unable to have a reporter on the scene for the boys game. However, a source has informed us that they as well came out victors on the afternoon of Friday, December 6th. But back to the point; After a hard fought school ‘spirit’ game against Kennebecasis Valley High, the Phoenix came out on top. To the unlucky people who were unable to attend the game, you missed out on a truly fantastic showing from the Varsity Girls. One student described it as akin to “the epic highs and lows of high school football”.

Seniors Jayleigh Bryan and Brinly Holt led with strong leadership, keeping their teammates heads in the game. The Trollope Times would like to give special recognition to our very own Editor-in-chief, who played hard throughout the game. The girls demonstrated tenacious defence and an even greater offence. An unyielding drive to win set forth a deep desire in our Varsity Girls to achieve victory in the name of the Phoenix. Rewarded for their win with what I assumed to be salad, but am unaware of as I am not a member of the Girls Varsity Team, the girls enjoyed a delicious meal, sponsored by Freshii (who do not currently sponsor to the Trollope Times, but if they want to please hit us up). To conclude, if you weren't there, you missed a great game of wits, strength, flagrant fouling, and of course, basketball. If you were there, congrats, you did not miss that.

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