• Maxie Grant

Former Trollope Times Columnist Awarded Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarship is a prestigious postgraduate award that provides students from all over the world an opportunity to study at the University of Oxford. Past winners include iconic figures such as Bill Clinton, Rachel Maddow, and Chrystia Freeland, who has just been named the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Not only do recipients of the scholarship excel academically, but they are incredibly well rounded, and intellectually flexible beings. Accordingly, student athletes are often extremely strong contenders for the award.

Being a student athlete is merely one factor contributing to the incredible accomplishment of Halifax’s and The Trollope Times' very own Isabelle Roach, who has recently been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. She plans to pursue her master of neuroscience at Oxford. She is an original Trollope Times columnist, contributing articles throughout our first year in operation, such as a review of all the libraries in Halifax (Killam came out on top), and China's one child policy. Her success is nothing short of exceptional.

Upon hearing this news, we reached out to Roach to congratulate her, and ask her a few questions. As a student athlete, she is the captain of the King's College Women’s Volleyball Team. She also sings in a choir, and takes part in different clubs at the university, all while maintaining very high grades. When asked how she manages to balance all these things, she replied with a helpful set of tips;

‘Get an agenda, set yourself goals for everyday, make them achievable (otherwise you will be frustrated when you can’t finish them all). When you finish your goals for the day, commit to relaxing completely. It helps you to not burn out. Work hard, not long.’

She also expressed to the Times her excitement to see the beautiful libraries at Oxford (maybe a tad nicer than the Killam, no shade to Dalhousie), as well as the buildings where the Harry Potter movies were filmed. And naturally, she looks forward to studying neuroscience using some of the best technology in the world.

Roach claims it is impossible to single out any one person that has contributed the most to her success, as there are simply too many influential characters in her life.

‘Amy Mercer, my homeroom teacher in junior high, for letting me go above and beyond and telling me to keep doing that. Kathy Schwartzentruber for being the coolest educator/2nd mom of all time. Ellen Parker for setting a great example of where hard work will get you. My foundation year tutor, Caleb, for teaching me to think like a humanities student. My parents and siblings for being amazing (my little sister Olivia is still at Citadel! Hi Liv!!)’

All in all, Isabelle is an excellent example of hard work paying off. The Times would like to thank her for taking the time to talk with us, and wish her the best at The University of Oxford! Congratulations!