• Ian Carver

Citadel Hockey Team Defeats Top Ranked Team

Saturday January 18th was a big day for Cit Puck. At 7pm, the team faced off against Charles P. Allen High School, the number one team in the league, for a tough battle of a game. Starting lineup Ian Carver (myself), Gabe walters, Achim Duerr farrell and defenders Campbell Giffin and Tuscar Lordly got the game off to a good start. James Lawley started in nets, putting on a show for the crowd.

Going into the third period, Citadel was down 3-2. Suddenly, senior player Jack Letterick scored the Phoenix's third goal of the night, pushing the game into an overtime shootout.6 nail biting rounds of the shootout went by, still without a score. The crowd was beginning to get uneasy. Thankfully, veteran player Ethan O’Brien scored a beautiful goal to win the game. The crowd went wild!

This victory is a huge advantage for Citadel in the playoffs, as it brings up their rank in the standings. Let's bring this winning streak into the playoffs!