• A.Christie and M.Grant

Acts for Aids

Have you ever felt completely invisible? As if no matter what you did, nobody could seem to see you? Well we have. We have sold Acts for Aids tickets in the lobby.

Everyday at lunch for the past week, there has been at least two representatives from the Acts for Aids committee selling tickets for this wonderful event. However, the lack of sales have been rather disheartening.

This is a mystery we cannot seem to crack. What’s not to love? Acts for Aids is a student run, community wide talent show, all for a great cause. Different schools submit different acts, all in hopes to coming home with the win. All the proceeds go towards the Steven Lewis foundation, which is a great non-governmental organization that helps out with aids and HIV treatment in Africa. The show is on February 20th in our very own Spatz theatre. We promise, if you decide to come, you are in for a treat.

This year, LDN (‘Let Dreams be Noticed’) is Citadel's main act. Founded by Kye Clayton, this multi-style rap group is a fan favorite. With upwards of 10 Citadel student members, and a newly released album, this group is not only ready to put on a show but “ No doubt taking the win” (Cherokee Robinson, LDN member). Furthermore, the Phoenix's reigning champ, Joey Hubley, will also be performing. This talented musician expressed to The Times, with excitement, that “It’s gonna be a banger”. He encourages everyone to come out and show their support as well as enjoy themselves.

In years past, Acts for Aids has been a very successful fundraiser. Last year, Citadel raised 700$! Nonetheless, this year, as mentioned, the student body seems to be slacking in regards to ticket sales. Don’t be confused - the tickets are available - just nobody seems to be buying them. However, now that you know a bit more about the action packed night, it might be time to change that. Buy a ticket, and be witness to Citadel becoming two-time champs of this awesome fundraiser!