• Maxie Grant


March break is known as one of the best weeks in the school year. Seven full days of school-free relaxation, for some maybe even a little adventure. However, this year, the blissful week has been spoiled. With the looming threat of an invisible virus, and more and more Haligonians infected, COVID-19 has the potential to ruin more than a week-long vacation.

For months, the corona virus has been overtaking countries such as Italy and China. With thousands of deaths in the mentioned areas, the virus is very much real. However, for many here, COVID-19 never seemed like a reality. It seemed like something unfortunate going on far, far away from the safety of Halifax, Nova Scotia, far away from our very own community at Citadel High. Nonetheless, despite our wishful thinking, the virus is here.

With the amount of presumed cases around Citadel getting higher and higher, healthcare workers, government workers and teachers were forced to make an abundance of tough decisions, including;

  • A two week extension of March break.

  • A fourteen day quarantine for anybody who returns from abroad.

  • Restaurants, fast food chains, small businesses etc. all closing their doors, only few still doing takeout.

  • Busses no longer offering standing room.

  • Social distancing rules encouraged, in the interest of public safety.

  • Universities continuing online for the duration of the year.

Despite all the changes, the student body is immediately excited. Three whole weeks off school! This excitement seems to be overpowering the deep rooted fear within us all. Not to mention, the boredom that being confined to your house is sure to bring.

We can’t forget the dangers of the virus. Although not considered as dangerous to the high school demographic, the risks of the COVID-19 virus are serious. To those with compromised immune systems, pre-existing illnesses such as diabetes or asthma, and people over the age of 60, meaning some of our grandparents and even parents, this virus could affect them colossally. The aforementioned

signifies that the extra two weeks we were given is not an extended vacation- It is a necessary period instilled in an attempt to maintain good public health.

All these actions are necessary for public safety. That is a fact. But do these actions make the common body feel safer, or anxious about what is to come? When will this be over? How bad will it get? No matter the amount of research, only time will tell.