• A.Christie and M.Grant

How to: Quarantine Edition

As previously addressed on the Trollope Times website, March break has been longer than usual. With no agenda as to when school will re-commence, Times reporters, along with the general student body, have been feeling lost with nothing to do. The plethora of Instagram challenges in the past couple of days can clearly attest to said statement. With this in mind, we find ourselves asking; How does one successfully quarantine? Times reporters and fans have selflessly shared with us how they have been spending their days, in hopes of helping those in need.

Citadel’s Sheida Mousavi shared with us her newfound passion for puzzling, a perfect activity for those who often find themselves alone. In contrast, Recurring Times informant Eamon Moan declined to comment. It can only be assumed he’s been using this time to get ahead on his meal planning, along with mourning the closure of his gym.

More options include spending time mastering the skills of every tutorial on the Tik Tok ‘for you’ page, much like Times supporter extraordinaire Frantiska Nutarova has been doing. Frantiska has also been running a successful quarantine slideshow, where people are welcome to customize their own slide with updates on their lives. Great idea Frantiska!

In researching for this article we learned that along with a spike in cases, we have also seen a major spike in screen time. Our source being Times reporter Ella Albers' sobering truth: “I spent five and a half hours on Tik Tok in one day”. The times urgently reassured her, letting her know she is not alone.

Others have chosen a different path. Many people have used this quarantine as a thinly veiled excuse to dye their hair. Past failed flirtations with coloured hair have left ‘reporter’ Ella DeBow bitter. She claims to be witness to the Times' executive assistant Anne Christie “Ruining her hair”, although it is evident she speaks only out of a place of jealousy. Completely unrelated, Anne Christie (with freshly blonde hair) will be crying herself to sleep tonight. Despite the described outside distractions, Editor-in-Chief Maxie Grant has devoted her time to the wellbeing of the Trollope Times website.

Thanks to the generous Trollope Times family, many options have been laid out. Will you take part in any of the riveting activities outlined, or try something completely different? It is up to you.