• Maxie Grant

Prom is On!

With all that is going on in the world right now, it is impossible for the graduating class of 2020 to unite together for a traditional prom celebration. This is not to be taken lightly. For many, prom is an event that they look forward to their whole life. It is one last hoorah alongside the people with whom they have spent their whole high school journey. Everyone gets dressed up and dances the night away. Memories are made that will forever be cherished. This being taken away is a big deal, and deserves to be recognized. The class of 2020 deserves to be celebrated... which is why prom has gone virtual!

Although it is true that nothing can be the same as a traditional prom, Student Life Network has been hard at work to create a safe prom experience for the graduating class. To make it even better, this experience is social distancing friendly, and you can participate from your very own house! At 9pm (Nova Scotia Time) on May 22, students are welcome to join the 'Prom is On!' livestream. This gives students the opportunity to dress up and dance around, while remaining safe inside. Special guests such as LOUD LUXURY will be popping in on the livestream, to make the experience even more memorable. Leading up to the event, there are challenges on different social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram, in relation to the virtual prom. Students have the chance to win luxury prizes, not only through these contests, but also by simply joining the event. Furthermore, by joining the virtual prom, students aren't only signing themselves up for an amazing time, but also helping society become a better place. How? For each participant in virtual prom, a donation will be made to the Kids Help Phone. This is an amazing opportunity for kids to not only enjoy their Prom experience, but give back to society. What's to lose? Join the virtual Prom!

For more information on 'Prom is On!' visit www.promison2020.com and follow @studentlifenetwork on Instagram. Also, check out @citadelhighcouncil on Instagram!