• Maxie Grant

Prom is On 2020 - The Recap

"Prom is On 2020” has been all over the media. From news pages such as the Chronicle Herald and the Trollope Times, to social media platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok, this student run fundraiser has definitely been receiving the attention it deserves. As previously described in a Times article, this event consisted of not only a prom event taking place over zoom, but a spirit week leading up to the webinar event. Throughout this spirit week, there were various opportunities to win prizes, make connections with students across the country, as well as just enjoy yourself. Friday May 22 marked the end of this fundraiser and the day the virtual prom finally took place.

Citadel High has an especially personal connection to this event. One of our very own students was not only an avid participant in the event, but a committee member as well. Bridget Gillespie had an integral role in promoting participation in this event and was gracious enough to answer a few of our questions regarding the turn out of the event, as well as her personal experience.

Gillespie explained to us that she was extremely pleased with the turnout of the event. She expressed how fun it was to see pictures and videos of people from all across the country in their prom outfits and watching the event with their friends and family. Gillespie also noted how cool it was to interact and work with people from various provinces - “It was such a unique experience - I got to collaborate with more than 30 students from across all of Canada. I definitely made a ton of connections and we all hope to meet soon when it's safe.”

Bridget's excitement about the event can also be backed up by the numbers. The event was a major success in its role as a fundraiser- the virtual prom raised $150 000 for the Kids Help Phone! Despite the extremely positive charitable impact of Prom is On 2020, it also did worlds of good outside of that. Although it was not the prom experience students may have dreamed of, it was an incredible alternative. Gillespie acknowledged this in her interview when she said “Though it was definitely not the end experience of high school I was expecting - It was for sure memorable. This is undoubtedly a historic event that I’ll remember for a while - It’s the first ever ( and hopefully the last ) virtual prom.” She also admitted that “Everyone found it really nice to have something to look forward to and to dress up for.”

To Bridget, as well as all committee members of said event, the Times believes congratulations are in order. We also believe it is important to thank these people for creating such a fun and important experience for students. So a big Thank you and Congratulations!