• Times Editorial Staff

Co-Prez Elections - Let's get Down to it!

The 2019-2020 school year was reigned by presidents Ivan Andreou and Owen Connoly. They had big shoes to fill, with the previous years co-prez’s being the strong partnership of (former Trollope times editor-in-chief) Patrick and Tata. In the past, co-prez’s have been one boy and one girl, but it is not an official rule. Despite the lack of gender diversity, Owen and Ivan managed to wriggle their way onto the good sides of the majority of Citadel High students, and under their leadership, positive changes were made. The duo put their persuasion skills to work, and somehow convinced the Citadel faculty to allow us to host a school dance. Disastrous tales have been told of the long-ago discontinued Citadel High school dances, so the announcement of this event was unanticipated, but well received. With only a few suspensions as a result, the dance was a hit, making this year's leaders a hit. However, students continue to ask, could more have been done? That being said, who knows what went on behind the ominous door to the student council room. Though we may never know the answer, thanks are still in order. Hats off to Owen and Ivan, your reign was a success. Be that as it may, it is quickly coming to a close. With the ending of this school year, the Times has only one question on their minds; who is next? Could it be you? Continue reading for more information.

Interested in running in the election? Let’s clear up some misconceptions around the role of co-prez, and the student council as a whole.

Contrary to popular belief, the co-prez’s do not control all. However, it is the highest management role within the school attainable for a student. Co-prez’s are responsible for running various assemblies, organizing school events, communicating with school staff and faculty and communicating with other schools councils.

What is the student council?

Student council is a huge group of students, made up of committee members and executives, commonly referred to as ‘execs’. Execs are the leaders of each committee, and the committee members are members of council who help with each event within the section of council they have chosen. The different branches of council include committees such as promotions, spirit, global, athletics etc. Furthermore, there is a student council secretary who deals with, amongst other things, scheduling. Teacher Greg Albers would like to clarify the confusion surrounding what classifies somebody as a part of council. Though the execs and co-prez’s have a higher management role, committee members are all the same part of the student council. This means that one may indeed put ‘student council member’ on their resume, even if they are not an exec or co-prez (as long as they are a committee member).

What is the election process for co-prez?

This year, the election looks different than other years - It’s only fitting considering these past few months have also been remarkably different than other years. The election has gone completely digital. Limited information has been released in regards to voting, but check your emails! Links have been sent to each and every student with an application form for the co-prez position, which is to be submitted no later than 4pm, Monday June 1st. But don’t be fooled.. Everything comes down to who gets the most votes. To the soon to be announced candidates; good luck, and we will be in touch. To the future voters; stay tuned for unbiased updates on the election, and individual candidate interviews!